Latest Nuvolari-Lenard Design for Monte Carlo Yachts

10/25/2017 by

The 29.26-metre MCY 96 flybridge is the seventh yacht model from the Italian luxury yacht collaboration. Nuvolari-Lenard provided both the exterior and interior design for the MCY 96, alongside naval architecture and engineering from the Monte Carlo Yachts’ in-house team.

“Through the MCY 96, we sought to identify a common thread that links all of our Monte Carlo Yachts models, so they would be identifiable as a family, regardless of the overt style and technicalities,” said Carlo Nuvolari of Nuvolari-Lenard. “That common thread was beauty, and the sensation felt by those who see the yachts and cannot forget them. Beauty is found in balanced design and harmony in proportions, not aggressive lines or those that merely suggest speed. Beauty is never restricted by the narrow rules of architecture and design, but it is found in the feelings of those who experience something that we have designed.”

A challenge for the yacht’s design, added Nuvolari, lay in finding a unique identity for the MCY 96 that was not an extension of the existing six models but that offered something fresh. In terms of size, the new yacht sits between two of Monte Carlo Yachts’ most successful models to date, also designed by Nuvolari-Lenard: the multi-award-winning 105 and the highly spacious 86.

Characterised by high bulwarks and vast amounts of glazing lending a sense of space and light, as well as a classically handsome profile accentuated by the dark flybridge roof, Monte Carlo Yachts has dubbed the MCY 96 “a symbol of the company’s vision and strategy for the future”.

Over the years of Monte Carlo Yachts and Nuvolari-Lenard working together, the two companies have developed a flexibility in approach to interior layout and fit-out that is rare for a ‘production’ yacht model. Owners are given the freedom to define their yacht beyond restriction to picking colours of furnishings and carpets found elsewhere. A wide choice of pre-engineered solutions gives owners the ability to truly personalise their new purchase. This includes a one-on-one design service provided by Nuvolari-Lenard to deliver a tailored solution that is usually reserved for custom-built superyachts.

“The proximity of our design studio to the Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard in Trieste is a huge benefit for clients, who can conveniently visit both companies on a single trip. Owners acquiring a yacht such as the MCY 96 are able to adapt and hone the final product in a way that is completely unique to our design and construction collaboration,” added Nuvolari.