LG Launches Sophisticated Sound Bar Audio Systems To Enhance Cinematic Experience

05/30/2017 by

LG Electronics USA today launched audio innovations that will bring Dolby Atmos® and High Resolution Audio to home theaters across America.

The new LG SJ9 5.1.2 channel High Res Audio sound bar with Dolby Atmos (SJ9) as well as the LG SJ8 4.1 channel High Res sound bar and LG SJ7 "Flex" sound bar with wireless subwoofer all use emerging technologies that maximize1 compatibility with premium LG TVs for an enhanced home theater experience with surround sound capabilities.

"The versatility and innovation of the SJ9, SJ8 and SJ7 offer consumers more ways to enjoy music and movies than ever before," said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "By blending state-of-the-art technology with incredible design, LG's 2017 sound bar lineup pairs perfectly with our industry-leading LG OLED and LG SUPER UHD TVs. Together, they deliver superb picture quality with the highest levels of sound fidelity to create a totally immersive home cinema experience."

LG SJ9 Leads Next Generation of Sound Bars with Dolby Atmos
The new LG SJ9 sound bar featuring 5.1.2 channels of high resolution audio leads the company's 2017 sound bar lineup and creates a superior home cinema audio experience by harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos technology. To create powerful and textured sound, the beautifully designed sound bar is equipped with multiple cutting-edge speakers, including two powerful up-firing speakers to create a highly immersive soundfield, surrounding the listener from every angle and reproducing all of the audio objects in a Dolby Atmos mix.

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio that can be precisely placed anywhere in a three-dimensional space, including overhead, to create realistic and breathtaking sound for a more immersive and emotive listening experience. With Dolby Atmos, sounds are represented as independent objects by employing sophisticated metadata to describe the location and size of individual audio objects in the three-dimensional listening space and are then rendered in real-time, independent of left and right channels, so that each sound comes from its designated location.

Compatible with high-quality lossless audio files, the LG SJ9 sound bar's Hi-Fi DAC authentically processes sounds originally recorded in the studio. In addition, the LG SJ9's 24-bit up sampling feature increases the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz, sharpening the subtle details of each track it plays. The LG SJ9 also supports 4K Pass-Through to deliver pristine audio without compromising image quality, ensuring a perfectly synchronized audio visual experience. Even more, the SJ9's sleek design adds an instant aesthetic accent to any home. The LG SJ9 matches perfectly with 65- and 55- inch LG OLED and LG SUPER UHD TVs and is available now at a retail price of $899.99.

LG SJ8 Delivers Robust Audio Performance in a Slim Profile 
The LG SJ8 sound bar delivers rich and powerful audio performance in a slim and efficient 1.5" profile. The LG SJ8 integrates seamlessly with LG's 2017 TV lineup for a cohesive cinematic experience. By employing the TV Perfect Fit Kit, owners can directly mount the sound bar with LG OLED TV B7 and C7 models, replacing the original stand entirely for a finished, integrated look. The LG SJ8 is equipped with many of the same innovative features as the LG SJ9, including High Resolution Audio, 4K Pass-Through, and the ability to stream content using Chromecast built-in. The LG SJ8 is available now at a retail price of $549.99.

LG's Sound Bar Flex Offers High-Quality Surround Sound and Flexible Design
The Sound Bar Flex (model SJ7) is a powerful 320W sound bar with two speakers and offers versatility in design and performance. The LG SJ7 can be either set up in the front of a room as a traditional sound bar or positioned with one speaker in the front of the room and one in the back, providing a surround sound solution with real front-and-back surround audio. The two halves of the LG SJ7 connect wirelessly to each other, providing outstanding room-filling sound regardless of their location. Furthermore, one of the two speakers has a built-in battery and by switching to the portable mode, users can enjoy the speaker as a wireless Bluetooth speaker anytime, anywhere, increasing the sound bar's versatility. The LG SJ7 is available now at a retail price of $449.99.