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LilaNur Parfums is India's first luxury fragrance house, celebrating the country's abundant flora and olfactory riches, expressed through the lens of French master perfumery. Dozens of exquisite ingredients used in fine fragrance are cultivated across India, stretching over centuries, back to the time when India was envied and famed for its art and sophisticated use of perfumery. Still, there has yet to be an international niche fine fragrance brand from India.

LilaNur Parfums' mission is to inspire the world with India's rich fragrance culture, build awareness around its array of natural perfumery ingredients, and to drive opportunities to the thousands of rural workers whose livelihoods depend upon India's floriculture economy.

Born in the fragrant fields of Madurai in Southern India and crafted in Grasse, each of LilaNur's seven Eau de Parfums and three Attar Absolus have been composed around India's array of iconic flowers, spices, herbs and woods.


Anita Lal: The story begins with Anita Lal, Founder and Creative Director of Good Earth India; an esteemed entrepreneur whose passion for perfumery led her to experiment with fragrance based on Indian scenting rituals for over twenty years. Lal had always had a desire to create a fragrance line that reflected the true essence of India's majestic flora and to reimagine and reintroduce its tradition of attars to the world. Her dream was put into motion after an auspicious encounter with her soon-to-be co-creator, Paul Austin

Paul Austin:  Austin, previously Senior Vice President for the Fine Fragrance division at Givaudan is a fragrance and brand expert. Having worked on countless fragrances over his career, it was on a research trip to India - and in the jasmine fields near Madurai specifically - that a passion emerged: to more deeply understand the people, cultural context and craft of the natural perfumery ingredients at the source of his métier. Paul soon founded brand and content agency, Austin Advisory Group, and after multiple projects in India, he and Lal met and forged an instant connection.


To help bring the fragrances to life, Lal and Austin began their work in the flower fields near Madurai in Southern India, forging a deep relationship with Jasmine CE - India's largest source of floral absolutes to the international fine fragrance industry - and its community of 5000 farmers and flower pickers.

For the launch collection, four of France's most revered perfumers - Honorine BlancOlivier CrespFabrice Pellegrin, and Clément Gavarry - each with a shared passion for the rich fragrance culture of India - were invited to compose a scent using iconic Indian ingredients as their muse and starting point. Many of these ingredients were borne from the joint venture between Firmenich and Jasmine CE aimed at developing unique and innovative extractions of Indian flora.

LilaNur Parfums introductory collection of seven Eau de Parfums include; Malli Insolite, Rajni Nocturne, Gul Rouge, Vettiver Mousson. Agar Épicé, Davana Cèdre, and Incarnation.

LilaNur is also launching a trio of Attar Absolus - scented oils, made from single-origin floral absolutes steeped in sustainably sourced sandalwood oil for over 100 days. These innovative perfume infusions - Jasmin Attar Absolu,  Rose Attar Absolu, and Tubéreuse Attar Absolu - are the result of a collaboration between LilaNur Parfums and Firmenich's Naturals Innovation Group in Grasse.  When glossed onto pulse points, they deliver a singular, vivid, and true-to-flower bloom.

Rose Attar Absolu and Gul Rouge Eau de Parfum use Indian-grown rose Centifolia - cultivated and processed exclusively for LilaNur Parfums - and used for the first time ever in an international perfume.


Propelled by the belief that community is at the heart of culture, and at the heart of India's floriculture are the communities of flower growers and harvesters, Lal established the Rosabagh Foundation. The Rosabagh Foundation is focused on sustaining India's community of rural workers, flower growers and harvesters whose livelihood stems from cultivating and processing the country's abundant flora. By creating access to training, social enterprise and improved working conditions, the foundation mission is to enhance the quality of the lives of this community, and in doing so, to help ensure the continuity of Indian floriculture and the vital role it plays in the world of perfumery.

"I've always had a desire to create a modern fragrance line that reflected the true essence of India's majestic flora and to reintroduce the traditions of attars to the world. Each fragrance is an evocation of India. From the jasmine and tuberose fields of Madurai, the spice gardens of Kerala or the forests of Assam, each scent is a vivid olfactory portrait of our diverse and rich land," says Anita Lal, co-creator of LilaNur Parfums.

"India has long been a perfumer's Garden of Eden, and with LilaNur our goal was to have India's iconic ingredients play the starring role in each fragrance. We wanted to let them shine," says Paul Austin, co-creator of LilaNur Parfums.

LilaNur Parfums launched exclusively at Harrods in-store and online, 23rd May 2022. Prices range from £225 (100ml Eau de Parfums) to £340 (30ml Attar Absolus).