Living in Hawaii: What to Expect in Terms of Living Cost?


Are you planning on securing a living space in Hawaii paradise? Before you make the right move, you may wonder about Hawaii's cost of living. In fact, this depends on the city you are planning to stay in. For example, Oahu is considerably more expensive than other islands because of its highest job availability. Read on and get to learn more.

Buying a house

Hawaii has reputable real estate providers, including, selling high-end houses down at earth prices. You can still buy a lovely home for as low as $75,000, depending on its features. Prices vary from place to place.

Utilities and food

Utility bills and food costs in Hawaii are a bit higher than in other states. The average utility bill in Hawaii is $149 a month, which is relatively higher than the national average of $111. On the other hand, the average cost of breakfast is $4, lunch $7, and dinner $12.


If you are planning to live in populated locations and would like to use public transport, a one-way ticket can cost around $3. But you can get a monthly pass for $80 on average. If you want to stay downtown where you have to commute long distances, owning a car is a good idea. So, consider the fuel cost, which is around $3 in Honolulu.

Hawaii has expanded modestly, offering a wide variety of means of transport. Depending on your budget and needs, you can travel by air, land, or sea.

Traveling by land

Here, you can choose to use your own car or public transport, or hire a vehicle. Using a bus is often considered one of the best options, especially if you are tight on budget.

Hiring a car

If privacy matters to you, hiring a car might be a good option. In fact, it’s very affordable.

Flight and ferries

For those craving to do island hopping, use flight and ferry options. Consider flying between major airports to save money as smaller airports tend to be costly.

How to move to Hawaii

Although Hawaii is a piece of paradise to adventure, the cost of living can be a bit high. To save money living in this beautiful place begins by analyzing your lifestyle. And the first thing to consider is staying like a Hawaiian resident. Also, you need to be picky about the markets you shop in.

Research well and know the stores that sell cheap to help you save on snacks, groceries, and more. Find a place that is far from the tourist areas like Hilo.

To wrap up

Although the cost of living in Hawaii tends to shoot up, this should never discourage you from living here. Hawaii offers exciting opportunities that you fancy and never want to miss.