Lowe's and Samsung Transform Appliances into Works of Art with Limited-Edition Samsung Bespoke Refri

11/19/2022 by

To offer shoppers another way to customize their spaces and express their unique personal style, Lowe's and Samsung are launching today a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung's Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator, designed by three distinctive artists. The panels, which can be mixed and matched with Samsung Bespoke's portfolio of panel colors and finishes, are exclusively available at Lowe's, which aims to surprise consumers with unexpected style finds for the total home.

The exclusive, limited-edition refrigerator panels offer shoppers the newest opportunity to transform their kitchens into personal art galleries with Samsung Bespoke appliances that deliver on both function and style. These products bring together the well-known innovative features of Samsung appliances and Bespoke's customization-first approach with Lowe's commitment to providing a total home solution.

"Lowe's is the No. 1 home appliance retailer, and our customers know they can trust us to deliver on quality and innovation. But we also know they're looking for the total home style package, with products that don't just offer performance, but style and personal expression too," said Jen Wilson, Lowe's senior vice president, enterprise brand and marketing. "Through this collaboration with Samsung, a trusted leader in innovation, we're thrilled to be bringing these one-of-a-kind panels to customers who are not only looking to upgrade their appliances but are also craving a unique way to express their personal style through art."

"Samsung's Bespoke appliances embrace emerging home customization trends that express personality and style using bold colors, new materials and artful designs," said Gary So, vice president, marketing, digital appliance at Samsung Electronics America. "Lowe's limited-edition Bespoke refrigerator panels inspire more ways for consumers to personalize their living spaces and show off their style like never before."

The exclusive panels, created by artists Alexa MeadeAmber Vittoria and Domonique Brown, each incorporate their signature styles and distinct point of view. The three artists bring their own aesthetic, medium and perspective to the Bespoke panels, offering shoppers a variety of options for elevating their appliances. Each artist drew inspiration from their own relationship with the home to guide their artwork, while also incorporating key Bespoke colorways so shoppers can mix and match their panels with the Bespoke collection of colors and finishes to let their personal style shine through.

Alexa Meade

Known for painting directly on the human body and 3-D spaces, Meade incorporated her signature brushstroke onto the Bespoke panel, giving consumers the rare opportunity to own a piece from one of the most noteworthy contemporary artists.

Amber Vittoria

An artist and poet, Vittoria uses ink, colored pencil and acrylic paints to emphasize fluidity in her pieces. Her Bespoke panel features a custom piece that incorporates panel colorways into her signature curves that are inspired by femininity and the female form.

Domonique Brown

An illustrator and designer, Brown was inspired to bring the relaxing feeling of endless vacation to the everyday. Her custom pieces transform the Bespoke panel into a collector's item that brings a calming escape right to the kitchen.

Available now exclusively at select Lowe's stores and Lowes.com, each artist panel can be mixed and matched with a variety of Samsung Bespoke refrigerator panel colors and finishes, and accented with stylish kitchen and dining pieces from Lowe's— such as décor, paint and flooring— to create a home that's unique to each customer. Each panel is sold separately and can be switched with other Bespoke panels.

Customers can shop the entire line of Samsung Bespoke appliances from the kitchen to the laundry room at Lowe's stores and Lowes.com