Luxury Adventures And Activities You Can Do This Summer


The world is filled with captivating wonders, and it has plenty of adventures to offer. If you move 500 miles in any direction, you are bound to be met by sights and sounds that are unique, awe-inspiring, and possibly life-altering.

However, if your options are too many and your time is limited, the dilemma is to identify the adventures that are worth the time. If you need some help with that, here is a special blend of excitement and luxury summer adventures.

1.      The Arctic Tundra

Better Moments, a Norwegian travel company, provides guided trips to Svalbard. Svalbard is a group of islands north of Norway. Teeming with polar bears, arctic foxes, and crowned with pristine snowcapped landscapes and virgin fjords, there is much to explore in Svalbard’s glacial, rugged wilderness. What’s more, during summer, you get to experience the Midnight Sun: that’s 24 hours of no sunset.

The company takes you on a snowmobile journey across 111 miles, and for a total of 10 hours, you get to explore this untamed land. The main agenda of the snowmobile journey is to help you catch a closer glimpse of the Arctic’s apex predator, the polar bear. Along with this, you get an extraordinary view of the Barents and Edgeøya island from the top of a glacier.

If you are keen on exploring the aquatic realm, Better Moments offers a boat trip in the Isfjorden, the second-longest fjord in Svalbard. On each day of the exploration, you get to visit a new destination in the Isfjorden to witness wildlife and glaciers.

2.      Kitesurf in the Maldives

What do you get when you combine one of the safest extreme sports in the world and crystal clear lagoons? One incredible and unforgettable experience.

Over the years, the Maldives has become a hub of luxury resorts. Some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts have set up their chains here. But out of the hundreds of resorts here, there are only a few that provide lagoons conducive for kitesurfing. The Maldives is not known as a high wind destination but, between May and October, weather conditions are just right with the perfect wind speeds.

Set in the Ookolhufinolhu Island, the Cocoon Maldives resort has a fully equipped sports center that provides kitesurfing courses and rentals for beginners and experts. Surrounded by stunning reefs, the lagoons are well protected and ideal for kitesurfers to have an excellent time. If this sounds interesting, you could find some advice on wind kitesurfing here.

The resort also offers a variety of sports other than kitesurfing. They provide snorkeling, scuba diving, and motorized water sports so that you can indulge in different activities during your stay.

3. Luxury Island Getaway in the Pacific

The crown jewel amongst luxury resorts in the Pacific, the Laucala island resort, is a perfect option if you are looking for serenity, exclusivity, and unparalleled aesthetics.

Spread across 3,000 acres of green hilly land and forests, the resort has only 25 exclusive villas. Although the villas are similar in style, they differ by size and location. You have a choice of villas on top of the mountains, above a lagoon, or even on top of a cliff, to mention a few of the several other choice locations.

The resort has a host of ultra-luxurious amenities, but the fanciest of them all is the submarine ride. Laucala was the first resort in the world to offer a submarine ride to its guests. The submarine, a DeepFlight Super Falcon, is a winged micro-submersible that gives a 360-degree panoramic view. Taking guests 40 to 60 feet underwater, the submarine ride offers a rare glimpse of the aquatic realm. Some of the fauna frequently spotted are turtles, leopard sharks, and scorpionfish.

For those who have a culinary inclination, the resort also offers tailored cooking classes with ingredients procured entirely from around the island.  

4. Underwater Voyage in the Atlantic

If your pockets are deep enough, you can go 13,000 feet under the sea and visit the Titanic. Blue Marble Private offers tours that take you on this deep-sea expedition. Throughout the trip, you are taught how to assist the expedition team on the support vessel and the submersible.

The descent takes 90 minutes, and you get three hours to explore the shipwreck. Explorers may also have the chance to survey the ocean floor to see Titanic’s artifacts that are spread across the ocean bed.


Since everyone has only so much of the limited time on this beautiful planet, it is essential that you invest in adventures that are truly worth it. After all, these unique experiences add immense value to life and make it memorable. If you have the time and the resources to explore, you must check out these spectacular adventures.