Luxury Clothing Brands that Target Youth


Several decades ago, luxurious clothes were a matter of wealth and personal success. That is why luxury brands were mostly oriented towards wealthy men and women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. In 2021, the reality is different, and top-class fashion houses keep control of trends and public requests.

The world of today allows almost anyone to become successful enough to be a target audience for top-quality clothing manufacturers. Many college students inspired by famous examples of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg prefer to order anessay writing service online and to concentrate on developing their business or anything that brings them good money. And of course, they want to look well.

That’s why many luxury clothing brands targeting teenagers and young adults appeared within the last two decades. Some of them belong to “old-school” houses. Others are new but equally famous already. Here below, you’ll find five brands of top quality and prestige that have young students frequently using themba essay writing service opportunity as their target clients.


The Off-White brand was created by Virgil Abloh, a designer from the US. First of all, he showed the male collection in 2012. Abloh was brave enough to combine high fashion and street styles in these clothes. Virgil launched a casual wear line with luxurious prices that united teenage trends with premium style elements. And something unbelievable appeared. The line came up on top of the fashion trends. Edgy and cult clothes impress people all over the world. Stars willing to look stylish and modern at a time choose it, and fashion makes one of its most remarkable turns in the decade.

Virgil comes up with very exciting clothing solutions that conquer millions of young adults. His wear is bright and unique. Actually, even a regular T-shirt can become unbelievably stylish when it is crafted by Off-White.


This Italian company was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. It became the synonym of luxury with its top-class fashionable clothing, perfumes, watches, home items, accessories, and more. Throughout the years, Versace has been staying among top brands for successful adults. But as we said already, times are always changing.

Versace has a segment oriented towards younger customers. It includes such sub-brands like VJC (Versace Jeans Couture), Versace Sport, and the especially “young” label of Versus. The last one has been in control of Donatella Versace since 1990 and almost stopped its existence in 2004. Five years later, the guidance of a young British designer, Christopher Kane, returned it to the world of fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G)

The D&G wear line is less formal than the main Dolce & Gabbana collection as it is targeted towards youth, and everyone preferring their clothing style to be more casual. However, that sub-brand is not less elegant and luxurious in design in any case.

The D&G collection is always about bright colors and brave prints, top-quality clothing and accessories reflecting the special style of this Italian brand. Dolce & Gabbana is about lifestyle, feelings, and individuality. It is a special tradition of intimate luxury born by the creation of unique wear inspired by the Mediterranean hot expression and culture.


Dean and Dan Caten are two twin brothers from Canada. They were mastering the clothes craft and design mastery when they were teenagers. The first wear items made on their own they created at the age of 15, at school homemaking lessons.

Nowadays, they rule the Dsquared2 clothing brand that is extremely popular among young adults and everyone else not afraid of experiments, sexuality, and eclectics. The high-quality brand of stylish, comfortable, and expressive wear is known not only among fashion admirers but tricky fake makers. The number of false Dsquared2 products on the market is enormous.

Of course, fake clothes are much cheaper. But the original Dsquared2 wear brings the best style and manufacturing quality that made the brand world-famous and accepted by the demanding youth.


The remarkable Gucci fashion house has been the top brand among youth for years. In addition to the superior design, individuality, and quality brought by the company on purpose, the popularity of their clothes is based on perfectly organized online marketing campaigns.

Some teen and youth psychology experts say that their wish to wear luxury clothes is a part of a modern teenage riot. It is a counter-culture element directed to argue the imposed personal growth templates and stereotypes that have been existing for decades. Like, wearing luxury clothing was a mark of wealth and personal success back then.

Nowadays, traditions have changed. Gucci and young customers found each other and gained mutual sympathy. And yes, it seems that this trend is going to last for a long time.