Luxury Holidays that Don’t Include Hotel Stays


If you’re going away on a big trip or for a luxury vacation, you probably don’t want to be confined to a hotel. If you go away a lot, you’ll realize that the majority of luxury hotels all look the same. Yes, they’re pleasant to stay in and visit – but they don’t have anything special or memorable about them. You want somewhere completely out of the ordinary; somewhere that you’ll remember for many years to come. So, it’s time to start looking out of the box. Don’t just go on the standard hotel sites and book the first thing you see. Be a bit adventurous, and take your chances on something more exciting.

Live with the animals

If you want to try certain activities on holiday, you’re going to have to give up hotels anyway. For those planning on going on safari, you’ll be lucky to find a hotel in the middle of your reserve – but this shouldn’t put you off. There are a number of operators who cater in luxury safari trips, where you’ll spend your time either staying in a luxurious lodge, or in gorgeous canvas tents. These tents aren’t what you see on campsites: they’re like mini palaces. For example, a Serengeti safari in Tanzania doesn’t have to mean roughing it every night: you can find tours that will provide hot tubs, full-size beds, and warm showers. Although you’re likely to be so exhausted after a day of tracking and spotting animals that you’ll be grateful for anywhere soft to sleep!

Camping under the stars 

Camping might not sound synonymous with luxury – but that’s only because you haven’t experienced the right side of it yet. When you’re on vacation, camping is such an easy way to find accommodation. Nearly all the best sites of any spot will have a campsite within walking distance, and now you don’t need to relegate yourself to a small, hot, stuffy tent. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of portable accommodation, including palatial tents to mini wooden pods. These come in a number of sizes and styles; all built to fit in with your natural environment. Even better, you’ll have all the home comforts you seek in a luxury holiday: a real, inviting bed; a hot shower; a working bathroom; and a hot tub or pool if you’re getting warm.

Sleeping on the sea

Now, if you love the water, then what could be better than staying on top of it? You’ll be lulled to sleep every night by the gentle rocking of waves and calls of sea birds. You’ll have the most idyllic views, and you’ll be in the perfect location for a day of island exploring, scuba diving, or snorkeling. Plus, sailing holidays come in all shapes and sizes: from fully-crewed yachts in exotic countries, to self-manned dinghies in your favorite coastal town. You can do as much or as little as you want. If you feel it might be too much having your own boat, then you could look at cruises. These luxurious liners offer everything a 5* hotel does, but you’ll be able to explore new cities, countries and coasts, all in one holiday.

Suspended in the air 

When you were a child, did you have your own tree-house? Or was owning one a distant dream? Either way, now there are plenty of tree-house hotels for you to stay in. Ranging from large pods suspended in the air using rope, to actual cabins built in loft tree tops, you’ll be able to live out childhood fantasies, while sleeping in their cozy beds and using wood-fired ovens and stoves. This magical accommodation can be hard to secure and is – understandably – very popular. So, if this is on your bucket list, you’ll probably want to start booking dates in sooner rather than later!

Find your own cabin in the woods

If you prefer to keep your feet on firm ground, but you still want to wake up to the sound of bird call, and immerse yourself in forest life, then look no further than staying in your own cabin. Many operators and land owners offer you the unique experience to stay in a fully-functioning, often remote wood cabin. You’ll get the full effect – from a hearth and a roaring fire to beds piled with blankets. Plus, because it’s not really a remote wood cabin, you’ll be close by to excellent facilities and all the holiday activities you have planned.

See a new side to every city

Many of these suggestions are perfect if you’re heading into the countryside or down towards the ocean. However, if your holiday is based in cities, then you need to be more inventive. Look at sites like Airbnb, and see what you can find. There are so many amazing places to stay, that not only will you get to experience a city like a local person, but you’ll have a huge amount of choice. From staying in penthouse apartments to quirky cottages, you’ll be guaranteed a high standard of care. With how popular this trend is now, the onus is on homeowners and property managers to give the best level of care possible. Members want the best ratings on the site, so they’ll go all out to ensure your stay is exactly what you want: from providing custom maps of the city, tailored to your likes, to including services like food and laundry.

Stay on the road

If there are a few places you want to go, and you’re thinking that you’ll have to just take the easy way out and stay in hotels – then don’t despair too quickly. Hiring a luxury RV is often the best way to see a number of different sites, without having to go through the effort of constantly booking in and checking out. With an RV, you have the freedom to go anywhere you like, and sleep whenever you feel like it. Plus, the models on the market now aren’t like the battered campervans you might remember from your youth. They’re full of the latest mod-cons – with some even able to carry cars underneath.