Luxury Items You Should Splurge On For Your Dog


Pets are a common feature in many homes today. A recent survey showed that over 60 million households own dogs as pets in the United States. This makes dogs the most widely owned pets in the country.

Dog ownership has witnessed a considerable increase in the past two decades. This increase is reportedly fueled by millennials and young adults who tend to delay major decisions until a later stage in their lives. These newer dog parents are also big on pampering their furry friends. They dote on their dogs and are often on the lookout for new ways to please their four-legged companions and make them more comfortable. This extra love has given rise to the luxury pet industry.

Basic Dog Care

To understand what luxury means for dogs, let’s first understand what their basic care entails. There is the initial cost of adopting or buying a pet. However, beyond the initial cost of purchase, many additional costs will creep in along the way. The following are ways through which the costs will likely pile on during your period of ownership.

  • Foods and Treats: Good food is non-debatable for dogs. From special dog foods to treats, the cost of feeding your dog will continue to increase with time. Other variables that affect this cost include the energy level of your dog and food quality.
  • Veterinary Care: Keeping the dog healthy is a major responsibility for a dog parent. The frequency of visits impacts the cost of veterinary care. However, this usually occurs once or twice a month on average. Items that may feature in costs related to veterinary care include wellness checkups, lab works, dental cleanings, and special treatments.

Health issues that your dog may develop include dog diarrhea, fleas, and other diseases. Medications and supplements after diagnosis are billed separately from the veterinary care bills.

  • Dog Activities: Dog activities are another aspect that contribute to the cost of owning a dog. These include dog walking, training, grooming, and boarding. Dog trainers abound, and you might require their services if you want a well-behaved dog. Dog grooming is a necessity for dogs, and costs may be incurred due to grooming visits or tools. Dog walkers and boarders are essential to dog parents who tend to travel a lot.
  • Dog Items: These include dog collars, beds, and toys. These can be basic essential items, but can also take the form of luxury items. Every dog needs a dog leash and collar set. A variety of toys help stimulate them mentally and assist with exercise. Beds might also get factored in along the line.

The Case For Pet Luxury

Dogs are increasingly being conferred the status of family members. It may sound unreal, but it is a major trend in society today. Viewing dogs as family members raises them to the status of humans in owners’ minds. This has resulted in a phenomenon called the humanization of pets.

Millennials are contributing significantly to the boom in the luxury pet industry. This is because the younger generation is putting off big life decisions like marriage and childbirth until later. Some don't even bother about these milestones in life. Thus, more of them seek companionship with pets.

Although dogs can never escape their animal status, dog parents, especially young owners, look for ways to make their pets more relatable to humans. This has led to a widespread luxury trend for pets, which continues to witness a massive increase as dog owners look impulsively for ways to improve the lives of their pets.

Luxury Items You Can Buy For Your Dog

Luxury is often a function of how much one has at their disposal. For a family member such as your dog, spending a ton of money on it might not seem like a misplaced idea. If you are ready to spend a good amount of cash on your pet, below are some luxury items to buy.

1. Luxury Dog Beds

Dog beds are a way to add a warm and cozy feel to your dog's sleeping experience. They come in various styles and fabrics and are exceptional statement pieces for your dog. They often cost hundreds of dollars, yet they might be the right item to improve the quality of your dog's life.

You can have a choice of different firmness options ranging from hard to soft. Some even come with combined furniture that can give an overhead cover for your dog while it sleeps.

2. Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are a new trend in dog luxury. They are just like the typical strollers for babies, but specifically made for dogs. These luxury items go against the idea that dogs should trail along with their owners on a leash.

They are suited for a varying demographic of dogs and humans. Old, injured, sick, and rescued dogs can make use of strollers to reduce the stress they might be prone to while walking. Dog parents that might be particularly interested in getting dog strollers include the elderly, owners of multiple dogs, fitness enthusiasts, and travelers. They are the perfect luxury items to get for your dog and serve an important function.

3. Dog Dresses

Dog fashion has witnessed an enormous spike in recent years. Dogs can now dress stylishly with the help of their dog parents. It is not surprising that some of these dog clothes cost a lot more than average-priced human clothing.

These clothes can even get more expensive based on the brand, fabric, and bejeweling of the clothes. Styles of dog dresses include cashmere sweaters, vests, jackets, and bridal wear. Depending on the choice of dog parents, prices of dog dresses can rise to the tune of thousands of dollars.

4. Dog Toys

Luxury dog toys are the best way to achieve a more enjoyable playtime for your dog. Many luxury dog toy producers pay massive attention to detail to ensure a pleasurable playing experience for your dog. Some of these toys are even equipped with technologies to improve the whole experience.

There is a wide range of luxury toy options for dog parents to select from. Most toys are tailored for different dog sizes, weight, agility, and aggressiveness. There are toys for reducing your dog's anxiety and health-related issues. Others are better suited for full-blown play. Some even help with the fitness of the dog in the end. A few examples include chew toys, automated fetch toys, and play balls

5. Dog Jewelry

Dog jewelry is awesome for making a statement for your dogs. The extravagance you want to exhibit in this category knows no limits as long as your pockets are deep enough. There is dog jewelry available that ranges in millions, while some is pegged at hundreds of dollars.

Dog jewelry examples include tiara, collars, bracelets, leashes, and tags. What makes these a worthwhile expense is that they are made with real and valuable stones. They are a great way to express love for your beloved dog.

6. Premium Pet Food

In terms of commercial dog food, there are several options, and the topmost category is called the premium class of dog foods. Premium feeding is a well-deserved luxury for your pet. These feeds are made of a higher quality of ingredients than all other categories of dog foods.

There is a wide variation in the pricing of premium pet food. Standard labels of premium dog foods include natural, gluten-free, grain-free, organic, and raw, with the natural subcategory being the least expensive.

Some of these premium pet foods have targeted results such as better dog skin, and improved overall nutrition. They are also used to treat health conditions. In that case, they are referred to as prescription pet foods.

7. Pet Spas

More dog parents are beginning to figure out that their dogs have similar needs to themselves. This thought pattern is evidenced in the creation of pet spas. Even for humans, visiting the spa might be a luxury, so to imagine that a dog has a spa is most definitely a luxury. If you are looking to spoil your dog, a pet spa gives you the right opportunity to do so.

Pet spas feature most of the highlights that are present in spas meant for humans. During a pet spa visit, you can expect your dog to be treated to a pedicure. The skin may also receive some moisturization or exfoliation treatment. Other activities in a pet spa may include custom hair styling, aromatherapy baths, and body massages.

8. Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury dog houses are a great way to splurge on your dog. They can come with different features, some of which include carpets, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and water systems.

They are a great way to make a statement with your dogs. They can come in styles that match your own home. They can also be eco-friendly structures. Luxury dog house customization knows no bounds as long as you are ready to pay.

9. Fitness Equipment

Dogs can develop some serious illnesses from becoming overweight. Beyond that, keeping fit or the ability to track your dog's fitness can help increase its lifespan considerably. Look no further, as there are a whole lot of options to help your dog stay fit.

Some of these include:

Dog Treadmills: These are great for helping keep your dogs active, and can help tone your dog's muscles. They have highly customizable speeds, so you can start with lower speeds and increase them steadily.

Jump Bars: You can get a jump bar for your dog to increase its levels of confidence and endurance. You should buy an adjustable one so that your dog can get used to the least obstacle height first. You can then increase this over time.

Fitness Trackers: Beyond obtaining dog exercising equipment, these are great to aid the results from exercise sessions. Examples of these include fitness-tracking collars and attachable devices. They can be tracked via mobile apps, and some even have options to sync with your favorite fitness apps.

10. Pet Hotels

When dogs are dropped off at a facility for care while the owner is away, it is called boarding. The term might be upgraded to a hotel if your dog will get premium care while it is away from home. These places are the ideal way to give your dog a vacation, even when you are not out of town.

Fun activities for your dog include water pool therapies, spa treatments, exercising, grooming, and exquisite feeding. Dogs are boarded in rooms as opposed to kennels in typical boarding facilities. These rooms have great facilities like TVs and beds. It is the wholesome dog experience that dog parents pay for. 

11. Dog Toiletries

Toiletries are essential for human care, so why not for dog care as well? There are many skincare brands weighing in on the luxury pet market. They work well as long as your priority is to achieve the best care possible for your dog.

Examples of luxury toiletries for dogs include creams, shampoos, grooming accessories, and VIP perfumes. These items are a great way to improve your pup's quality of life and overall beauty.

12. Pet Prenups And Insurance

It is estimated that only a small percentage of dogs in the US are insured. This shows that insurance is still deemed as a luxury for dogs. Insurance is a solid proof of love for your pet. With a policy in place, you can protect your dog in the event of any mishaps, though a major bad event might never happen to your dog throughout its lifetime. On the bright side, pet insurance will help pay medical bills during a visit to the veterinarian.

Pet prenups are also becoming a popular trend among pet lovers. If the marriage doesn't work, the partner who gets the pet is predetermined. They are rightly and unsurprisingly dubbed pre-pups.


Luxury for dogs is an attractive idea. It tends to convey how highly valued these pets are. It arises due to a genuine need for dog parents to make their best friends look more human. This has spurred many to continue to buy items that dogs naturally may not need.

The basic needs of a pet are quite simple. They include feeding, health care, activity aids, and wearables. However, there is no limit to how much dog parents can splurge on their dogs. Grand gestures of love can include jewelry, spa treatment, boarding, and premium feeding, amongst others. Pet owners who favor luxury items will go to any extent to spoil their pets.