Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Spoil The Bae


When the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with stale chocolates, cheap jewellery, and tacky stuffed toys, you can understand why the holiday has a reputation for being cheesy. Anyone can buy a stereotypical plush love heart and a card as long as they have ten bucks in their pocket. Thankfully, you’re not just anyone. You can stand out from the crowd that shops at CVS when your budget for the big day is a lot bigger than that. Find inspiration in this guide to luxury Valentine’s Day gifts, and you’ll land a unique and expensive gift that shows your SO how much you care. 

A 1990 Château Latour Grand Vin


If your loved one likes to unwind with a nice glass of wine after work, a luxury bottle of their favorite varietal would be an easy way to win brownie points this Valentine’s. A 1990 Latour, averaging $995 per bottle, is one of the rare wines that has a perfect rating on Wine Spectator. As a Bordeaux, it’s an easy drinking wine with silky smooth tannins and hints of dark red fruits and wood.

It blooms after a long decanting, so make sure your SO has the patience to wait four to five hours while the Latour opens up. Pair it with two crystal Bordeaux wine glasses, and they might get the hint that sharing means caring. Drink it alone or have it with a catered Valentine’s Day dinner.

The iPhone X

At $999 for its 64GB model, the iPhone X is the Lamborghini of smartphones. It’s sleek, powerful, and — most importantly — expensive. But don't settle for a bland iPhone X. Create a customized iPhone decal to go along with it. This thin yet fashionable addition plays three important roles. Firstly, by covering the handset in a vinyl material, it protects the X’s delicate glass features from scratches and grime. Secondly, its grip-enhanced surface means it’s easier to hold. Though for those who are especially clumsy, a skin the minds at dbrand created a skincompatible Grip. The Grip case is ‘grippy’ enough to hold onto a race car as it zooms around a track, so it should stay in your SO’s hands. Thirdly, it lets you redesign the look of the X with dragon skin, hardwood, metal, stone, or carbon fiber iPhone skins, so it’s a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift.

A golden taco

Juan Liciero of Mexico’s Grand Velas Los Cabos resort had a dream and that dream was creating the most expensive taco in the world. Unusual though it was, he committed to the idea. He starts with a corn tortilla infused with gold that he layers with Kobe beef and lobster. There are no guacamole or salsa toppings for this taco. Instead, diners can expect black truffle Brie and a spoonful of Beluga caviar. Then, as the piece de resistance, it’s topped with edible gold leaf paper.

As the most expensive item on the list — and indeed, the most expensive taco in the world — it’s also the most fleeting gifts included in the guide. It’s gone in the time it takes to eat the last golden flake. Luckily, it requires a vacation at the Los Cabos resort as well as a reservation at their presidential suite, so there are other ways to celebrate the big day afterwards.

A diamond ring

While for some, the big day is just an excuse to spoil their loved one, you could up the ante this 14th and use the holiday to focus on the future of your relationship. If things are getting serious and both of you are ready to take the plunge, then an engagement ring would be the perfect gift for this year’s love day.


According to American Express, around 6 million couples plan to get engaged. Make sure your engagement stands out from the crowd with something like the Tiffany Soleste Heart ring. Its appropriately heart-shaped diamond sits in the center of bead-set diamonds along a platinum-set design to create an unusual yet dazzling ring.

Choose correctly, and they’ll want to say yes to any of these presents mentioned above. Stay away from gifts that anyone can buy. Show your lover how much you care with every dollar that you spend. Shop from luxury Valentine’s Day presents like those listed in this guide, and you’ll avoid the stereotypical and tacky gifts that oversaturate the holiday.