Make Your Home Perfect For Your Four Legged Friend


Over sixty million households in America have a dog - they are the most popular pet in the country and are considered to be true members of the family; and, this is why you should take them into account when you are improving your home . You can make some adaptations without compromising the design aesthetic of your living space. We’re talking perfect canine chic that fits in with your lifestyle. 

A luxury feeding station

In your beautiful home, you don’t want to come into the kitchen and see a couple of old plastic dog bowls on the floor. A luxury feeding station incorporates your dog’s food and drink needs into a stylish area that you can custom design to fit your living space. For instance, if you own a Great Dane, then you may want to have your dog’s food and water bowl on an elevated platform. However a feeding station for a Chihuahua would be compact just like your dog. Having your feeding station made, means that you can fit it into your home design and color scheme. You can even incorporate cupboard space to store their food and treats. 

Letting your dog outside

Have you ever found that as soon as your dog is outside that he wants to be in? And then as soon as you let him in, they want to go back out again? There is a great solution for this - installing an electronic dog door. Then your dog will be able to go in and out whenever they want, as long as your garden is secure. They work with a little electronic sensor on your dog’s collar, so the door will only open for your dog - not for anyone else, or even your neighbor’s pets. This piece of ingenious and simple pet tech is so convenient, especially if your dog needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, or really early in the morning. 

Dog friendly shower

Dogs can be very messy creatures, if there is mud they will find it, if there is dirt, they will roll in it. In your home, you may not want to put your mucky pooch into the human bath to get them clean after walkies. Instead, design your luxury living space to include a dog-friendly shower area. This pet wash station should be fully tiled and the shower head should be movable, so that you can give your dog’s belly a wash - especially important if they are a small breed, like a Dachshund or Terrier. 

Your dog is an important member of the family, who should have their own place in the home. You can incorporate dog-friendly designs into your living space, without compromising your own style.