Mocktails™ Takes Home Double Gold and Three Silver Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competi

05/16/2022 by

Mocktails™, the international award-winning alcohol-free cocktails brand has added to its medal cabinet by earning a Double Gold and three Silvers at the prestigious 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Earning top honors are Mocktails™ Karma Sucra Mockapolitan, Double Gold; La Vida Loca Mockarita, Silver; Scottish Lemonade Mockscow Mule, Silver; and Red Sevilla Sansgria, Silver all in the NA Cocktails category. There were only eighteen medals awarded in the category with Mocktails taking home four, including one of only two brands to take home the top honors.

Launched in the UK in 2018 by former investment bank executive Bill Gamelli, Mocktails™ produces a range of premium alcohol-free cocktails developed using proprietary innovations by Gamelli and Head Mixologist, and industry Hall of Famer, Ezra Star.

"We at Mocktails Uniquely Crafted take an uncompromising small-batch mixology approach to create our adult drink solutions using the finest ethically and sustainably sourced non-GMO ingredients in the world to deliver on flavour, quality, and the versatility customers are asking for. We have redefined what a "mocktail" can and should be for consumers around the world. Clearly, the market is demanding better quality experiences, and everyone from the public, to the Hospitality industry, to spirits experts, can taste the difference. Our awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition are a confirmation from the two years of awards we received in London, and a further testament to the hard work of our Head Mixologist, Ezra Star, and our entire Mocktails team," said Bill Gamelli, Mocktails, CEO.

Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest in North America and the largest competition of its kind in the world. Judged by a panel of seasoned experts, each judge offers a distinct story and trusted palate. Throughout the judging process, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition emphasizes integrity and impartiality. Its blind tasting process guarantees that every entry is judged in an unbiased process, and given equal consideration.

The Vida Loca Mockarita perfectly delivers the freshness, balance, ritual, and experience of a Margarita made from fresh ingredients, rather than from high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Our Mockarita pairs well with Mexican and spicy foods such as Indian curries as the earthy flavours and heat complement the subtle, citrus tartness of the drink.

Karma Sucra Mockapolitan is the refreshing answer to the classic Cosmopolitan. Made using cranberries, lime, and juniper harvested at their peak, blended with a unique combination of botanicals, our Mockapolitan is perfect with light bites like mild cheese and crackers, summer salads, fish & sushi.

Scottish Lemonade Mockscow Mule is our take on a classic mule. Using the freshest, sun-ripened lemons from Sicily and Argentina, fresh ginger spice, and botanicals to create something sophisticated and delicious, Mockscow Mule is ideal with Asian food like Thai and Indian as well as seafood and sweet potato-based dishes.

Sangiovese wine grapes from the Tuscan hills of Italy are paired with our mixology-inspired blend of botanicals and spices to offer our Sevilla Red Sansgria the freshness, balance and tannin structure you would expect from wine, and dressed up for an adult taste all its own.