Monaco® Cocktails Launches New Canned Cocktail Category

10/06/2022 by

Monaco® Cocktails, a ten-year industry veteran with a rich history of developing unique canned cocktails, today announces its entrance into the hard lemonade category with Monaco Hard Lemonades. Featuring Original and Peach flavors, Monaco Hard Lemonades are the new go-to for those long summer nights with friends.

This new line disrupts the market and existing products in the space by offering two shots of vodka in every can, with a 9% ABV. Priding itself on their entire cocktail collection being malt-free, Monaco only uses real spirits in every can. Unlike other leading hard lemonades on the market, Monaco's new line will feature vodka, offering a crisper, lighter finish over malt competitors. Developed in response to consistent consumer demand, the timeless vodka lemonade cocktail creates the ultimate party drink of the season, delighting taste buds with flavors that embody the taste of summer: juicy peaches, refreshing lemonade with a crisp clean finish.

According to Mintel data, consumers continue to reach for canned cocktails at an accelerated rate, with the category growing 226% over the last six years, making the spirits-based RTDs one of the fastest growing segments across beverage alcohol. As Monaco continues to innovate in the canned cocktail category, a recent consumer survey by popular grocery delivery service Instacart shows when it comes to choosing their drink of summer, consumers will reach for spirits-based RTDs over hard seltzers.

"Hard Lemonades are a quiet giant and boast a major flavor profile, which is why we felt like our brand was the perfect match for this category," said Don Deubler, CEO of Monaco's Parent Company, Atomic Brands. "Throughout Monaco Cocktails' tenure, the brand has been dominating the canned cocktail market by providing high-ABV cocktails with a range of liquors and flavors to choose from. Now, our entrance into the hard lemonade category reflects that same journey. We're excited to share this delicious combination of flavors with consumers nationwide!"

The Hard Lemonades join Monaco Cocktails' diverse portfolio of baseline canned cocktails, featuring a selection of vodka, tequila, gin, and rum. Notable cocktails include the recently launched Watermelon Crush, and fan-favorites Sun Crush and Lime Crush.

Monaco Hard Lemonades are currently available at convenience stores nationwide for $2.50-2.99/12oz can. To find a retailer near you, please visit the store locator. For more information on Monaco® Cocktails, please visit:, and follow along on Instagram and Facebook (@drinkmonaco).