MYSA Releases the Reinvented Anguis Outdoor Sofa

06/29/2022 by

The Indoors Came Outside

MYSA launched a reinvented version of LUXXU’s Anguis sofa. This renowned design is now prepared for the outdoors without losing its distinguishing features, the modern and peculiar shape.

Since the outside area of any house is intimately connected with nature, MYSA's products are designed to seamlessly integrate into the environment and, consequently, provide the ultimate moment of luxurious pleasure.
It’s no different with this new version of the Anguis, which was created with the most avant-garde materials, like teak wood and polypropylene. Both can withstand wet conditions, with emphasis on the fabric that has the ability to repel water.

Other particularity of this product release is its color scheme, which can be customized to fit a variety of decor styles. Since its upholstered with the best outdoor textiles, it can be used all over the year, suiting all climates with elegance while maintaining functionality.
A sparkling novelty with attention-getting details.