NanaWall SL60 Folding Glass Wall System Offers Production Builder Developments

03/08/2024 by

Production builders and developers attending this week's International Builders Show in Las Vegas should visit the team at NanaWall in booth #C6325, to learn more about a product that is quickly becoming a key differentiator for builder community developments: the NanaWall SL60 Folding Glass Wall.

An aluminum framed folding door designed specifically for large-scale residential applications, the SL60 provides premium branded product differentiation while its floor-supported technology helps keep construction costs lower. Additionally, the slim aluminum framed panels are adjustable, providing long-term durability and continued smooth operation, minimizing maintenance, and reducing developer callbacks. With flexible opening sizes from 6' through 15' wide and heights up to 8' 2", the SL60 offers transparent pricing for easy project budgeting and shorter lead times. If your project requires customization beyond what the SL60 offers (greater widths, taller heights, system configuration, etc.), NanaWall offers a complete range of customizable opening glass wall systems in aluminum, wood, and aluminum clad.

One builder who is incorporating the SL60 into its long-term project plans is Virginia's Eagle Construction, which is currently developing 20 communities around the Richmond, VA region.  Eagle, founded in 1984, has long been committed to delivering quality new construction homes, innovative floor plans, and beautifully planned new communities throughout the state. They began sales at their GreenGate development in Henrico, northwest of Richmond, offering a collection of four-story brownstone-style homes with more of an urban and mixed-use feel. One of the key features Eagle decided to offer in the designs was the NanaWall SL60 opening glass wall – which spans the entire width of the brownstones' top floor, connecting the media room to the outside and terrace.

"It's a different enough experience from other homes in the area," explains Josh Goldschmidt, President of Eagle Construction. "It's got an elevator, and when you get up to the fourth floor, the NanaWall is the final wow factor. It speaks to luxury."

The SL60's narrow framing maximizes natural daylighting and views when closed, making the view through the closed wall as expansive as when the wall is open. The NanaWall SL60 has proven to be a highly-in-demand customization, with a high percentage of townhome buyers opting to include it in their new homes, and Eagle plans to offer it in many of the townhome designs they are building for the next few years.

Eagle's townhome product overall has been highly successful, and the exact same designs are now being built in Eagle's Midtown community in Blacksburg and at McRae & Lacy in Richmond proper. "GreenGate has been transformative for us," says Goldschmidt. "People sought us out to build that product. They're wowed by it, and a big part of that is the NanaWall folding doors, so we've evolved the product and taken it to other locations."

Competing builders have tried to follow Eagle's lead by incorporating other makes of operable walls in some of their offerings, but Goldschmidt believes that these off-brand folding walls don't convey an equal sense of luxury, nor are they as reliable and high quality as NanaWall.  He notes that Eagle has had no problems with NanaWall materials or workmanship. "If we buy a new product and put it in a bunch of houses and it has a problem, then we have twenty to thirty or forty problems. When we did the research, the components and materials perform at the highest level, in an industry where things don't usually go that way. We trust them."