NexGen Hyperbaric Offers Patients And Athletes Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

07/24/2021 by

NexGen Hyperbaric, a leader in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT), specializes in making evidence-based HBOT available to patients and athletes while raising awareness about the benefits of treatment. Focusing in two distinct areas, medical treatment and sports performance and recovery, NexGen Hyperbaric clinics provide state of the art HBOT for a full range of medical conditions and sports performance applications in accordance with the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) accredited facilities.

"One of our primary goals is to make patients aware that many common medical conditions can successfully be treated with HBOT with exceptional outcomes," said Jonathan Rotella, NexGen Hyperbaric's founder and CEO. "The FDA recognizes HBOT as accepted treatment for a number of conditions, which makes it often covered by a patient's insurance with physician referral. These conditions range from carbon monoxide poisoning to post traumatic brain injuries and diabetes derived illnesses, to name a few."

NexGen Hyperbaric also offers an extensive list of "Off Label" medical treatments that improve patients' medical condition and health and well-being though not generally billable through insurance. Treatments are overseen by specially trained physicians and a clinical team specially trained in HBOT. Some Off Label treatment types include sports injuries, immune and inflammatory disorders, infections and post op recovery acceleration. Additionally, recent scientific evidence suggests that HBOT increases telomere length and decreases senescent cells, thereby slowing the effects of aging and effectively reversing the aging process.

"While HBOT has been around for years, its benefits and potential for helping people restore and maintain their health are constantly being expanded," said Rotella. "Its application for helping athletes' performance is also remarkable."

US Ski Team member and favored Olympic hopeful Nina O'Brien is a NexGen Hyperbaric sponsored athlete and passionate supporter of HBOT.

"It's important that I believe in my head sponsor and that their mission is something that relates to me achieving my goals as an athlete," said O'Brien. "NexGen treatments help me recover faster, which ultimately leads to more intense workouts with shorter recovery. It's an edge that I notice during my crucial 'off season' training because it's this time of year when my foundation for the coming race season is solidified. NexGen treatments are an integral part of my training regimen."

HBOT's benefits to professional and recreational athletes of all disciplines are universal and contribute to an improved quality of life in addition to increased performance and decreased recovery times.

"If you train for a sport our treatments can improve your performance and decrease your time to recover," said Rotella. "Athletes currently using NexGen Hyperbaric to achieve their goals and increase performance range across many sports and include professional football players to weekend warriors in nearly all disciplines of sports."

NexGen Hyperbaric treatments are available with or without physician referral. For more information visit or call 888.567.4302. You may also submit email inquiries by clicking here.