Order clothes straight to your private jet...

09/01/2016 by


  • Stratajet private jet booking platform partners with tailored shopping service Dappad.
  • Partnership combines hassle-free private jet travel with private shopping, giving customers the luxury of time.
  • Dappad stylists will choose outfits that match customers’ personal style and deliver them directly to your private jet flight to try on in the air.

Stratajet, the world’s first platform that allows for customers to search for, compare and book private jets flights in real-time, has added an exclusive shopping experience to its list of services.
Partnering with Dappad, the personal shopping experience, Stratajet now offers this tailored service to customers who book a private jet flight through the platform.
The partnership combines Stratajet’s vision to streamline the private jet travel industry, by eliminating the time-consuming traditional means of booking a private jet via a broker, with Dappad’s understanding that time is a precious commodity for the stylish, modern man. While Stratajet enables faster, hassle-free private jet travel designed to save time, Dappad is focused on elevating the private shopping experience.
Stratajet customers can now complete a short online profile for Dappad at a discounted rate, choosing from Entry Level (Novice), Mezzanine (Competent), or Executive Suite (Pro), depending on how much they enjoy shopping. From here, entering style (and brand) preferences and measurement details allows a Dappad personal shopper to start building a style profile. Completed within two minutes, the process takes the same as it does to book a flight using Stratajet’s unique, real-time search technology.
Once this profile is complete, one of Dappad’s experienced stylists will choose a selection of outfits, tailored for each customer, from staples to boost your wardrobe to key pieces to suit a special occasion and the package of outfits is delivered to your door.
What’s more, Dappad can deliver the selected clothes to the fixed base operator (FBO) responsible for your private jet flight, meaning customers can save more time by trying on the outfits in the air and deciding what they take with them. With delivery and returns free, customers only pay for what they decide to keep.
Jonny Nicol, Stratajet Founder & CEO, commented: “Stratajet prides itself on being the world’s first real-time private jet booking platform, giving customers total control and freedom. We’ve built on that proposition by partnering with Dappad to add another layer of professional service and help our customers take control by removing the fuss of traditional shopping. Rather than it having to take hours to find the style that is right for you, the Dappad stylists do this hard work for you.”
Dappad CEO Erika Nilsson-Humphrey added: “Like Stratajet, Dappad understands that time should be spent wisely and therefore offers an effortless and personal shopping experience. Our stylists make choosing a wardrobe easy, selecting collections of clothes designed to suit the tastes of the stylish, modern man, and ultimately make him look the best as he goes about his busy life.”