Ortal Expands Options for Wilderness Collection Luxury Fireplace Line with Additional Sizes

07/21/2021 by

Ortal, the industry's leader in luxury fireplaces, increases the number of options in its Wilderness Collection, introducing a dozen new sizes to meet the varied needs of designers and homeowners. Each of the new fireplace configurations delivers a luxurious, warm ambience with all the convenience of natural gas, and without the mess or smell of a wood fire.

Several of the new models are available in tall sizes, offering increased viewing areas. Wilderness Collection units with the "H" moniker indicate models with extended height, providing unique design options to architects, interior designers, and homeowners.

New sizes include:

  • Front Facing models: 51-inch (51H) and 60-inch widths (60H), both in the taller viewing-area design 51H and 60H
  • Corner Left Side and Right Side models: 44, 51, 60-inch widths, and 51H and 60H tall models
  • Three Sided models: 44, 51, and 60-inch widths, and 51H and 60H tall models

The real-fire appearance of Wilderness Collection fireplaces is achieved with patent-pending Firelog Technology which produces unparalleled, campfire-like flames. Firelog Technology allows the gas to flow directly within the log media, resulting in a taller, more realistic flame. The fireplace media also creates a fuller flame, more closely resembling the traditional look and feel of a campfire.

All Wilderness Collection fireplaces are also equipped with internal lighting, creating a lustrous glow within the fireplace which adds a sublime ambiance to any room, even when the fire is not turned on. With the natural-looking log arrangement and attractive internal lighting, a Wilderness Collection fireplace elevates any room and becomes its centerpiece, even when not lit.