Panasonic Elevates Kitchen Design and Culinary Lifestyles with Expansion of PRIME+ Edition Premium

01/05/2024 by

Panasonic Malaysia proudly announces the expansion of its acclaimed PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerator series with two new large capacity models – the NR-WY720ZMMM with a 650-litre nett capacity and the NR-XY680YMMM with 621-litre nett capacity.

Designed with innovation and a healthy lifestyle in mind, the two new refrigerator models offer a combination of thoughtful usability and aesthetically classy and elegance that seamlessly blends into one's home. The two new refrigerator models cater to the evolving needs of consumers who seek both sophistication and practicality in their kitchen appliances and kitchen design.

When PRIME+ Edition Premium refrigerators were first introduced last year, Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia shared that it immediately won the hearts of Malaysian customers due to its innovative features and harmonious design. In just a year since its launch, the sales of this refrigerator series surpassed its expected target by threefold.

"With the PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerator series, we're not just introducing kitchen appliances. We're unveiling a new era of sophisticated living that also supports your modern, healthy eating lifestyle that draws on our 'Healthy Everydayphilosophy of consuming nutritious, freshly cooked balanced meals every day. On top of that, these refrigerators are two of our biggest models that go beyond the conventional, providing not only a high level of functionality but also an elegant design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. They also represent our commitment to enhance our customers' holistic wellbeing as part of our brand action tagline 'Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow'. We have placed the pillars of Inner Wellbeing and Spatial Wellbeing at the forefront of its functionality and design as we believe wellness starts from healthy eating and appliance at home should contribute to an enhanced living atmosphere," said Nishida.

The latest refrigerator models, with their sleek and modern design, are tailored for design enthusiasts who prioritize personalizing their kitchen spaces. They seamlessly complement contemporary kitchen aesthetics, making them an optimal choice for those with a discerning taste for stylish appliances that elevate the overall ambiance of their homes. For homeowners who enjoy entertaining in style and frequent hosting of gatherings, these models provide expansive storage capacity, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences. Whether it's storing high-grade food ingredients for gastronomic delights or keeping a variety of fresh produce, meats, and snacks readily available, these refrigerators align with a lifestyle that appreciates culinary excellence. Moreover, the PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators go beyond just practicality; they contribute to sustainable development, appealing to those who are environmentally aware and seek eco-friendly choices in their appliances. This new lineup transcends the family-oriented convenience focus, embodying a more premium and diverse lifestyle offering.

The three main values that the new PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators offer are:

PRIME Food Care: Ensuring food stays fresh and delicious

PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators are equipped with PRIME Freeze, PRIME Fresh, and nanoe™ X Technology, combining advanced cooling and hygiene technologies to cater to various needs in preserving high-grade ingredients. With PRIME Freeze for precise temperature control, PRIME Fresh to extend the shelf life of fresh produce, and nanoe™ X Technology for a hygienic environment, these refrigerators ensure ingredients stay fresh, tasty, and nutritious.

Harmonious Design: Elevating kitchen aesthetics

Panasonic's PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators acknowledge the significance of harmonious design in one's kitchen space. Beyond its functionality, the refrigerators contribute to the spatial harmony of the kitchen.

The PRIME+ Edition stands as a testament to the marriage of form and function. It's simple and flat design exudes a sense of timelessness, making it a natural fit in any kitchen, regardless of its decor style. What's more, the dark mirror finish adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen and add to its aesthetic, enhancing its overall appeal.

Sustainability: A Greener Approach to Refrigeration

Panasonic's unwavering commitment to sustainability takes key focus with its PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators. With an understanding that sustainability goes hand in hand with reducing food waste and enhancing energy efficiency, Panasonic has gone the extra mile to make this a reality.

Its advanced cooling technology is at the heart of this commitment. It's not just about preserving the freshness of food; it's about preventing spoilage and, in turn, reducing food waste. Panasonic has integrated AI ECONAVI into its refrigerators, an intelligent system that studies and analyses household usage patterns. By optimising cooling performance based on unique habits, it minimizes energy consumption, reducing environmental footprint while also helping one save on utility bills.

The existence of the SmartApp+ allows one to stay in control wherever they are. One can connect to their fridge remotely, giving you the ability to monitor and adjust settings thereby allowing the most energy-efficient choices to be made at all times.

The PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators reflect Panasonic's dedication to its "Healthy Everyday" concept that unites aspirations with technology to satisfy a new desire for healthy food experiences. This commitment highlights Panasonic's belief in making every day a celebration of well-being, where the blend of aspirations and cutting-edge technology transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary, health-focused culinary experiences.

For more information and to experience the new PRIME+ Edition Premium Refrigerators, kindly visit the nearest Panasonic authorised dealer outlet to you.

NR-WY720ZMMM (6 Door)
NR-XY680YMMM (4 Door)


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Net 621L

Prime Freeze



Prime Fresh



nanoe™ X



Fresh Safe















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