Pastels and Patterns Are Taking 2022 By Storm


Some fashion trends are timeless, surviving the constant changes in the fashion industry. Pastel colours are one of those trends, becoming even more popular today. The world has faced the toughest challenges in the past three years, with the global pandemic affecting everyone’s lives. With the population still struggling to adapt to the “new normal,” the fashion industry is moved to inspire people through colours that inspire peace and tranquillity.

Pastel shades are perfect as they are known to be mild and soothing, evoking feelings of calm and peace, which is what we all need right now. And while pastels have always been considered feminine, it is not surprising to see fashionable men wearing these colours and looking good in them. Whether going on a casual date or attending a more formal event, pastel shades are always a winner, exuding positive vibes and confidence.

Similarly, patterns are very much in fashion this year. Stripes, retro prints, checkerboards, and florals are just some prints that add character and personality to any outfit and are sure to catch anyone’s attention. Combining pastels and prints and creating a unique and stylish ensemble makes it even more fun. Using your creative skills, you can mix and match and create your fashion statement.

If you want to look stylish and are ready to experiment with pastels and patterns, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Retro floral

Floral prints are always in style, and the retro look has become quite popular in recent years. When you think retro, you imagine flowy dresses or skirts with floral prints that give a care-free, breezy, feminine look. In keeping up with the latest pastel trend, choosing floral patterns in pastel shades such as Bali Batik cotton can capture that vintage vibe. You can also wear a pair of flair jeans topped with a frilly floral blouse in a soft and sheer fabric. The look is delicate yet free-spirited, fashionable but still old-school.

Smart casual

Jeans are versatile and can be worn for any occasion. The secret is picking the right top and accessories wherever you go. The smart casual look is not as formal as a suit but is more dressed up than your typical daily outfits. If you are planning to go to an informal affair but still want to look smart and fashionable, matching a nice pair of jeans with a plaid or striped blazer works well. A printed top in dainty pastel shades will look great for a more feminine look.

Pastel on pastel

There is no reason not to wear pastel on pastel. However, if the complete look is too subdued for your taste, you can always match a plain lilac skirt with a patterned top in lavender. Outfits in these shades look light and comfortable but still lend a sophisticated air that draws attention.

We all know that colours have an impact on our moods and feelings. So, as we slowly recover from the worldwide crisis, it would help to choose shades that make us feel more optimistic about what lies ahead. Pastels have that effect, and patterns add more life to what we wear.