Pimar, the elegance of the stone floor

08/19/2017 by

Pimar natural limestone is characterized by particular qualities of flexibility that make it perfect for different sectors of the building industry: indoor and outdoor, buildings and prestigious hotels, as well as exclusive private villas.

Pimar natural limestone floorings are ideal for the realization of gardens, villas, for urban use, entrance ways, terraces. But not only. Pimar natural limestone, with its particular nuances declined in beige, grey, white and coral limestone colours, fills indoor spaces with light and warmth. The “chianche”, or rather the stone slabs, are supplied with sawn slabs (finish obtained directly from the mechanical cutting of the plate) and their installation is simple and fast. The floorings may be subjected to special manufacturing processes that provide a particular antique effect, making them usable in both indoor and outdoor settings. The elegance of Pimar natural limestone allows the creation of floorings with different creative possibilities, as shown by the numerous examples of realizations all over the world.