Pineau des Charentes: The Spirited Wine We've All Been Waiting For

06/26/2017 by

The Pineau des Charentes Committee, an organization regrouping 500 estates that produce and market Pineau des Charentes, proudly announces the launch of its first-ever U.S. marketing campaign, to commence in summer 2017. Recent evolutions in the beverage industry make timing just right: Americans, thirsty of innovative and premium craft products, will find in this unique spirited wine an experience that will redefine their habits. So what is Pineau des Charentes and why should everyone know about it?

A Unique Wine Experience – Pineau des Charentes is the unprecedented combination of a wine's fruitiness with the bold kick of Cognac. It is the only fortified wine which is composed of freshly pressed grapes and Cognac spirit, distilled at least one year before blending. Whether white or red, Pineau des Charentes offers a one-of-a-kind gustative experience depending on its age: while Pineau is fruity and light, Old and Very Old Pineau offer complex mix of notes of nuts, honey and dry fruits.

An Inimitable Gem – Pineau des Charentes is produced exclusively in the French Charentes regions and gained the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée status in 1945. The grape juice and the Cognac must be produced at the same estate, establishing Pineau des Charentes in the longstanding savoir-faire and tradition of Cognac cellar masters and winemakers. 

The Taste of an Exceptional Terroir – Pineau des Charentes is the result of the best of its home terroir. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the land, vines benefit from a highly favorable microclimate, enabling perfect grape maturation, in turn producing an elegant and flavorful grape juice. An artisanal drink, Pineau des Charentes is all-natural: no sugar is added to guarantee full authenticity, in line with the craft tradition.

There are several ways to enjoy Pineau des Charentes. Follow this guide to impress your friends and make a splash!

  • Pineau Solo = The uniqueness of Pineau des Charentes is best enjoyed au naturel. With an alcohol content of 17%, it is lighter than other aperitifs or digestives and are ultimate crowd-pleasures: it will delight both wine and spirit lovers in search of novelty! 

  • Pineau with food = Choose a Pineau des Charentes to rediscover your favorite food and wine combos. With a higher - yet still moderate - alcohol content, Pineau offers a perkier pairing than other wines, but does not overwhelm your meal's flavors as a spirit would.  For the ultimate summer pairing, choose a white Pineau to accompany your grilled white meat.

  • Pineau in a cocktail = Pineau des Charentes is a great alternative to mainstream cocktail mixers to jazz up your cocktail parties. Choose white Pineau for a cocktail's central mixer, and pair Red Pineau with spirits to enjoy balanced and aromatic cocktails.