Pitched or Flat? How To Choose The Right Roof Style For You And Your Family


That wonderful day has finally come – the day you get to design the new home for you and your family. There will be many questions you need to answer as you design or help to design the home of your dreams; however, one of the biggest hurdles you will likely face will pertain to the type of roof you want. Your roof is one of the most important structures on your home, and if you choose the wrong roof for you or your climate, you may end up regretting your decision for the rest of your life.

The most important element regarding your new roof choice will have to do with whether you want a pitched roof (a roof with a steep slope), or a flat roof (a roof with an incline of less than 10 degrees). There are some key factors you will want to consider before making your decision, such as: your local rainfall/snowfall, your budget (there are different costs associated with a pitched roof versus a flat roof), the materials you need, and which contracting company you would like to install your roof. Oftentimes the roofing contractors you hire will be able to help you make some of the decisions you need, as well. For instance, Professional Roofers in Toronto Ontario is a smaller, well known roofing company that only uses quality roofing materials. If you choose to work with them, they can give you guidance on the best materials and practices to use for your budget and needs.  

In incredibly rainy or snowy regions, it is often advantageous to have a pitched roof, as they can be better at shedding water; however in Toronto we tend to fall somewhere in the middle, where pitched and flat roofs are equally appropriate. In this case, it comes down more to which roof will better suit your needs. Flat roofs are cheaper initially, but experts like Professionalroofers.com advise that they do require slightly more maintenance than pitched roofs. Flat roofs provide a potential space for rooftop patios, whereas pitched roofs might have a little more usable indoor attic space.

Your budget is another factor to consider when deciding what style of roof. There are some advantages with going with a flat roof as they are less complicated to build and therefore typically cheaper. Pitched roofs can be difficult to build and maintain, particularly on more complicated home layouts. Getting an idea of cost differences between the two styles of roofs will help you make your choice.

No matter the type of roof you decide on, having strong, long lasting materials and reputable installers for your roof is imperative. There are many shingle varieties on the market today for pitched roofs, but if you choose a brand that falls apart in a year or two, you will surely regret it. With the proper shingle, underlayment, and ice and water shield, your roof could last over thirty years. However, quality materials are useless if you don’t have a good roofer like Professionalroofers.com install them. A poorly installed roof could cause drastic flooding before the season is over. 

Building your dream home is usually a once in a lifetime experience. So whether you have a pitched roof or flat roof, live in Toronto Ontario or PhoenixArizona, you need to make an informed choice. Take the time to consider your local weather, your budget, what materials are going on your roof and who is putting them on, so you can enjoy your home for a long, long time.