Playroom Decor Ideas for Boys and Toys

09/01/2016 by

Designing the right children’s playroom can be a tricky affair at times. There are several different ingredients that you need to get right to create the perfect playroom. Obviously, every parent wishes to create that magical setting that they can proudly call the world’s best playroom.

The playroom is a lot more than just a place where kids spend a few hours, it is a space that allows them to tap into their energy, creativity and imagination.

Playrooms are full of activity, but playroom decor should also encourage quiet time. Whether creating a dedicated playroom space or doing double duty with a multipurpose room, encourage quiet time with a reading nook complete with space-saving playroom decor. Storage benches or window seats can help maximize space, while beanbags, cushions, and pillows can be stacked away when not in use.

There are a variety of themes that you can choose for the playroom. These can vary between the cool nautical approach to a Disney astronaut-themed room that your little boy would adore.

Rocky Rocket is the perfect armchair for kids to play with their toys. Connecting two different eras, parents can see Tintin references at this piece; and their kids can be inspired on “Toy’s Story” the movie, especially on “Buzz Lightyear” and his belief of being a true Space Ranger, protecting the Universe CIRCU built this piece for the little astronauts.

Kids are passionate about adventure and superheroes, so CIRCU captures that essence and plant it in their souls. Rocky Rocket is a masterpiece all made by hand. The body is made in fiberglass, with a mask paint, to reproduce the squares. The interior is made of red velvet upholstery.

It has a light and sound system incorporated. The light and sound system are controlled by a mobile app (Ilight) with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. The engines are made in fiberglass and their interior is made with a new velvet flocking technique. What you can see as engines and staircase, are in fact shelves with a very important storage solution. With easy access, this is the perfect place to keep your kid's favorite toys safe.

Marrying beautiful themes with smart storage solutions, the perfect playroom is a space that both adults and kids appreciate.