POUCH Debuts with First Collection of High-End Indoor Hammocks

11/08/2017 by

POUCH, a new Brooklyn-based furniture design collective, has reimagined the traditional hammock, breathing modernity and artisan craftsmanship into an elevated, timeless product. Debuting for the first time on POUCH.NYC - an interactive, customization-focused e-commerce site - the collection of indoor hammocks and hanging chairs are now available to help bring moments of personal peace to modern interiors. 

Founded in early 2017 and born out of the idea that high end leisure should be integrated into everyday experiences, POUCH challenges the way people traditionally think about hammocks, and aims to redefine the concept of relaxation. Enlisting a product historically associated with resort vacations, serenity, and time alone, the brand has raised the bar for indoor hammocks through expert craftsmanship, intricate weave patterns, and thoughtfully sourced materials.

"In launching POUCH, our goal was to create a new consumer experience - improving, modifying and expanding upon an old world craft that provides a daily getaway that was long overdue," said Robert Ramirez, Founder and CEO of POUCH.  "The unvisited aesthetic POUCH creates, highlights a timeless hammock style I grew up with in my own home - a gift to my father when he moved from El Salvador to the United States in 1975. POUCH reintroduces a slightly modified hand-woven design, using the same traditional weave found in Central America, with a focus on creating a more comfortable and secure hammock experience that is inviting, lush and warm."

Unique to the interiors market in its design aesthetic, process, color, and architecture, each POUCH hammock and hanging chair body is woven by hand in El Salvador.  Selected for its softness, durability, and versatility, cotton is spun and woven in San Salvador in a traditional native-style weave using homemade, old-fashioned devices. The body is then sent to POUCH's Brooklyn studio where the custom woodworking, natural dying, custom curtain work are completed.  The rods and frames are crafted from wood native to the East Coast and the natural dying process of the cotton utilizes ingredients from local New York restaurants and farms to create a grounded color palette. Leveraging the natural pigments from avocado pits, iron, madder root, fustic, and osage orange, the five beautifully muted hues bring comforting, grounding vibes to any space.   

POUCH hammocks and hanging chairs easily fit into small spaces, with designer wall-mounted hardware or freestanding options, blending seamlessly with existing design schemes. Each piece is easily assembled and can be permanently installed or act as a temporary piece in a room.  Customization options are available through the POUCH.NYC website or by scheduling an in-person consultation at the studio in Brooklyn.  In home and onsite style and design consultants, as well as installation experts, are exclusively available to New York City residents.

All hammocks are handwoven in double-ply cotton with an interlocking net stitch, accented by hand crocheted detailing.  Each style is available in five naturally dyed hues — Rose, Sage, Creme, Slate, and Gold — as well as six types of wooden rods — Ash, Ash with Brass Dashes, Ash with Walnut Inlay, Walnut, Walnut with Brass Hole Inlay, and Round Ash with Brass Cuffs.

Pieces in the collection, which range from $600-$4,000.