Pour Decisions? Not When Moving Your Wine Collection Safely!


There are more than enough tips out there when it comes to transporting wine when you’re traveling. Whether you’re heading to LA Wine Fest for some wine, Nappa Valley, Portugal, or honestly, wherever, the tips are always the same.  For wine enthusiasts, a carefully curated collection is a source of pride and joy, so this bottle of happiness needs to be handled with so much care when it’s in the suitcase. But what about moving homes? 

What if you have a whole wine cellar filled with wines? What about your precious collection? Honestly, when the time comes to move homes, the thought of transporting delicate bottles can be a bit nerve-wracking. The idea is a bit scary because something bad could truly happen! 

Even if you look into professional moving companies, there still might be that hint of fear that something could potentially happen. But truly, you don’t have to stress over it. Just as your plates, art, and fragile furniture need lots of love and care, it’s similar tactics for wine, too. So, here’s everything you need to know for safely transporting your wine during a big move!

Know What You Have

Before you start packing, take inventory of your wine collection. Ideally, you should create a detailed list of each bottle, noting its type, vintage, and value. A lot of major wine collectors do this- so if it’s something you’ve been doing, then don’t worry about it. This inventory not only helps you keep track of your collection but also serves as valuable information for insurance purposes.

Be Cautious with Packaging Material

Just like with any fragile belongings, you’ll need to really give them a good wrapping! These bottles are practically filled with liquid gold! So, make sure to collect the necessary packing supplies to keep your wine bottles safe during the move. You'll need sturdy wine boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, foam inserts, and packaging tape. Invest in wine-specific boxes with dividers to prevent bottles from clinking together. But wait, what are wine boxes? 

Well, these special boxes are designed to secure each bottle in its own compartment, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of breakage. You can buy these online, but they are pricey. Alternatively, you can ask your moving company if they supply these, or you could go to your local liquor and spirit store and ask if they have any leftover wine boxes that they can give away. Usually, these businesses and even restaurants are more than happy to do it for free!

Get Insurance

No, you’re not taking this too far at all; these are an investment! So, you’ll need to check with your moving company about their insurance coverage for high-value items. If your wine collection is particularly valuable (as in more than hundreds), then 100% you’ll need to consider obtaining additional insurance coverage! 

Temperature Control

Oh yes, when it comes to the move, you need to keep it cool- the temperature, that is. So, maintaining the right temperature during the move is crucial for preserving the quality of your wine! If possible, move your collection during mild weather to avoid extreme temperatures. Some transport companies will have climate control trucks, so if you can get this, by all means, do!