Premier League Match Day Experiences: Enjoy a Luxury Day Out


For any football fan, a Premier League match day experience is the perfect day out. Whatever team you support, all Premier League clubs welcome fans of all ages to celebrate and be part of their gaming experience. You may have to book far in advance for many clubs, as the match day experiences, especially Premier League ones, are extremely popular. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a luxury day out, a football experience is always a winner. Here is what to think about when choosing a match day experience and what you can do to get the most out of your day.

Choose Your Tickets Wisely

Depending on what team you support, there will be different tickets available. For popular teams such as Liverpool, tickets may be hard to come by and are usually offered to season ticket holders before the general public. If you are lucky enough to hold a season ticket for your favourite club, you should be able to pick up a Premier League match experience day pretty easily. You can get tickets from official channels such as the team’s official website, but third-party sellers are also a great way to find tickets. These include Viagogo and Stubhub, but be careful if you are going to buy them from Facebook or any other social media channel as you may not be able to get your money back if they aren’t real tickets. If you are considering this experience for a youngster, it is recommended you avoid the derby days as these can be quite rowdy.

Plan Your Route in Advance

Match days can be very busy with Premier League games being the busiest of all. This means many stadiums will not be accessible by car and you will need to find a suitable mode of transport to get to the game. One option of transport is by train and with Trainline, if you book in advance, you can get a great deal on train tickets, but be aware that these trains will more than likely be extremely busy. There are also many clubs that will have match day buses headed from big cities and many stadiums are accessible via trams such as Manchester United’s stadium Old Trafford in Salford. If you wish to drive, car parks are available around all stadiums although you should always make sure you are using an official car park to avoid any damage to your vehicle. Most car parks will require a bit of a walk to the stadium, which is something else to consider before booking your tickets.

Hit a Local Pub Before the Big Game

There is no better place to feel the atmosphere than the local pubs surrounding the stadiums. If this is your first time at a Premier League game, prepare for busy pubs and lots of singing. Whether you drink alcohol or not, heading for a soft or alcoholic drink before the match is recommended to really get into the spirit of football. If you aren’t sure where the local pubs are, just check on the internet or follow the supporters heading to their local before the game. Arriving early also ensures you get a good car parking space and gives you plenty of time to get revved up for the game. Get ready to sing your heart out from the pub to the stadium. Remember, stadium officials have no problems with you having a drink before the game and they even sell alcohol inside, but there is a zero-tolerance policy at all stadiums for anyone who is overly intoxicated.

Check Out the Merchandise

For any avid football supporter, merchandise should be part of the match day experience. Merchandise can be found in and around the grounds, but official merchandise will only be sold inside the stadium. This is always a great buy as it can be worn every match day, whether you are visiting the grounds itself or watching at home in your local pub. Scarves, tops and match day programmes are all souvenirs that can be treasured forever. If you want to be prepared before the game, your team’s official website will have all the merchandise you need to show your support on match day.

Place a Bet

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your team play live in front of your eyes. What can make the day even more exciting and may even win you a bit of cash is placing a bet on your team to win or predicting the score. This will make every second even more thrilling as your team gets closer and closer to a goal. You do not have to place a lot on your team; even five pounds can give you back a great reward if you guess the correct score or first goal scorer. You can even place a bet from the comfort of your seat in the stadium with websites such as Stakers. Watching the action live may give you a better insight into who you think will score next, and Stakers allows you to place bets in-play, as well as before the match kicks off. They also have some sign up bonuses that you may want to get your hands on.

Get There Early

If you want to see your favourite players out there on the pitch and make the most of your day, get there early. This gives you a chance to see the team warming up on the field, a rare and exciting sight for many football fans. This also gives you the opportunity to hit the queues early for drinks and food. Nothing beats the English tradition of watching your favourite team play with a pie and a pint. Ensure you wrap up warm in the colder months as it can get chilly as a spectator.

Premier League match day experiences are an amazing day out for anyone that enjoys football. Whether you take the kids, your friends or your partner, you are guaranteed a great day out filled with excitement. Be sure to check out the fixtures to see when your team is going to be playing and scout out tickets sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.