Private Jet Service to the Hamptons from $499: Skip the Traffic, NYC to Hamptons in Under 30 Minutes

05/14/2015 by

JetGet, a new way to travel on private jets, launched today offering flight solutions from New York to the Hamptons starting Memorial Day Weekend, 2015. The service will function from Teterboro and Westchester Airport to East HamptonWest Hampton, and MontaukJetGet's announcement marks the launch of their website which will allow you to buy seats for upcoming flights this summer.

The company was co-founded by Samuel Joseph and Avi Aminov. As the CEO, Samuel Joseph pioneered the concept of using tried and true shared economy models to drastically reduce the cost of private travel, while increasing revenue for jet operators. The JetGet team is ready to build a legacy based on accessibility in ways its predecessors could not.  

"We desire to be the change the aviation industry needs by providing efficient, accessible, and luxurious travel experiences. In a static industry with few significant changes over the past 60 years, It takes a team ahead of the game to change the status quo." -Samuel Joseph, CEO of JetGet

Starting at $499 a seat, JetGet arranges flights provided by certified air charter operators to provide on-demand and scheduled transportation on executive aircraft. For those that plan to spend most of the summer out East, JetGet will be offering a subscription of unlimited weekend flights for $3000 a month per traveler. JetGet will provide concierge services through Luxury World Traveler in the Hamptons for its customers benefit.

"Having established a leading brand in the private aviation industry, I can see the overwhelming need for a company like JetGet to step in and access a currently unserved market. People are looking to skip the security lines and enter a world of convenience and luxury. JetGet will be their gateway." -Moshe Malamud, CEO and Founder of M2Jets

JetGet helps its members receive the highest quality service by providing them the private travel experience for prices comparable to that of a commercial airline. Its services include: no upfront commitments, no hassle of security lines, 3-click booking, free drinks, and private airport terminals.

"I booked my flight for Memorial Day Weekend on JetGet and it has already improved my Hamptons experience. The idea of avoiding the traffic, and not having to spend two plus hours driving makes JetGet well worth it." -Gil Antolin, President of Luxury World Traveler International Luxury Concierge

Initial seats on proposed flights are expected to sell out quickly, so visit their website to get your seats before they sell out for the summer. JetGet is also planning to expand to experience-based flights later in the summer helping customers fly in style to the US Open and Burning Man in the end of August.

To learn more about JetGet, the team, or purchasing seats please visit