PriyanaMD® Skincare Launches VersaPeel®, Makeover In A Bottle®

07/19/2017 by

PriyanaMD®, a clinically tested, physician approved® skincare company, announced today the launch of VersaPeel® Makeover In A Bottle®, an intense corrective exfoliation gel that is designed to improve a myriad of skin concerns.

VersaPeel® is the first product in their highly anticipated "Makeover in a Bottle"® Collection that was developed for in-home use and rivals expensive in-clinic treatments. VersaPeel® joins an advanced, science-backed portfolio of skincare products including VersaLift® Eye Cream, VersaCleanse®, VersaLash®, HylaSilk®, HylaCell® Growth Factor, Damage Control Vitamin C + DNA, VersaMask®, and VersaTint® SPF.

"After years of intensive research and development, it is thrilling to see the vision of PriyanaMD® come to fruition," says Melissa Crane, Chief Creative Officer of PriyanaMD®. "We have leveraged our expertise in the Dermatology market with scientifically formulated skincare products and advanced natural ingredients to design our skincare line. PriyanaMD® offers novel formulations using Peptides, Antioxidants and Botanical Extracts without the use of SLS or Parabens. We are excited to initiate operations in Clinical, Prestige Luxury and Private Label categories."