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I’ll admit it: I’m a fixer. Whenever there’s a problem at hand for myself or those around me I’m compelled to resolve it. All the better if I actually have the right merch for the occasion.  Luckily, the marketplace is teeming with items designed to solve problems and resolve common annoyances, including those particularly well-suited for summer. Check out these illustrative options:

Mai Couture (
What girl doesn’t want to look fabulous with minimal effort and in as little time as possible? Designed by professional makeup artist Mai Tran, Mai Couture Papiers are a mess-free, portable makeup solution for the modern woman that can be a true savior on those sweaty summer days and nights. They remove excess oil while simultaneously applying a foundation-like makeup entirely without brushes, making touch-ups on-the-go a breeze. Having also been featured in Seventeen and Elle magazine, Mai Couture is easy to use—just tear, apply and toss! Experience the convenience of mobile beauty wherever, whenever thanks to the super adorable cases, available in multiple colorways, that make transporting the papers easy and discreet. From polished to glam, Mai Couture Papiers allow gals to always look and feel their best.

HeadBlade ATX Razor (
While some guys shave their heads 365 days a year, others do so during the summer season to be more cool and comfortable as the mercury rises and as outdoor activity increases. The HeadBlade ATX Razor is for all of the above. And, while it’s certainly fantastic for ergonomically shaving the head, specifically, it’s entirely versatile for shaving every part of the body. The name ATX actually comes from “All Terrain” so it's great for both men and women to use on the face, chest and legs. The gadget is an invention from Todd Greene, an industrial designer who was losing his hair and realized there was nothing like it on the market. So, he went ahead and launched it himself. HeadBlade also offers HeadSlick shavecream, cooling antibacterial HeadWipes and a 40 SPF product called HeadShade.

youtheory Revive and MENS Revive Energy Supplements (
Let’s face it… summer is a super busy time and once in a while we need an extra energy boost to make it through the day or super-charge the night. One great solution for guys is youtheory MENS Revive, which is a powerful energy supplement designed for every man, at every stage of life. This formula delivers plant-based ingredients to increase the feeling of energy and youthful vitality. The natural energy blend consists of Aloe Vera extract, Black Tea extract and Green Tea Extract, which is a stellar combination to give you a boost when you need it most. And, for men and women alike, youtheory Revive is another revitalizing formula that can help you feel your best and perform at your highest. Youtheory Revive can be your daily awakening by invigorating your body and mind, elevating cognitive function, and enhancing physical performance.

Pure Advantage B-12 Spray (
Those seeking a portable, rapid and effective vitamin-based energy booster can consider the Pure Advantage B-12 Spray from Nutritional Brands, which packs a major energy punch whether you’re an elite athlete, active individual or just lagging through a day. Pure Advantage B-12 spray is a healthy, vegan-certified pick-me-up without all the foreign chemicals of modern energy drinks. The spray mechanism is also super transportable and convenient. Just pack it in your purse or pocket and go—use it when you need that extra energy kick! And, in addition to increasing energy, other benefits include improved sleep and stress reduction as Vitamin B-12 is critical in many of the biological processes that regulate these systems. Yes, please!

‘Phenom Young Athlete’ Nutrition Shake for Kids (
Kids are active in sports and other summertime activities more than ever before and parents are always looking for products or services to help their young athletes get an edge out on the playing field.  Nutritional quality and timing is utilized by college and professional athletes to help them build, recover and improve.  Phenom Young Athlete is designed to do the same for kids. This nutritionally correct,100% natural protein powder is different from other youth sports drinks that are often filled with artificial ingredients and can actually be detrimental to athletic performance. Phenom Young Athlete uses a precise 2:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio. It contains cold filtered whey protein that is sourced from grass-fed cattle and is non-rBGH and non-rBST, meaning it doesn’t contain any hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The carbs it contains are non-GMO from sweet potatoes and whole grain brown rice. In addition, the sweeteners, flavors and colors are all natural and it’s also gluten free and very low in lactose. The shake mixes easily and can be used in between games or right after practices to build healthy muscle, recover and refuel. It can also be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast smoothie for kids who are finicky eaters or parents looking for an easy alternative to cereals loaded with junk or right before bedtime as a snack to promote a healthy weight. Simply mix with 8 ounces of water, milk, almond milk or your favorite beverage for a great-tasting shake.

Heat Holders Joint Warmers (
While most of us know that cold weather can be difficult on joints, causing swelling and discomfort, many don’t realize that even during hot summer months it’s still beneficial to warm up joints before exercise and other activity—or generally manage chronic joint pain.  Besides being uncomfortable, cold joints have also been shown to slow reaction times, which can be a dangerous thing for some professions and pastimes. One great solution is Heat Holders Joint Warmers, which are designed to offer extra warmth to areas of the body that are often subject to swelling and discomfort during and after sporting activities and other undertakings. Heat Holders Joint Warmers come in two sizes and are made to fit knees, legs and elbows. They are constructed from a special blend of heavy bulk yarn that cushions and warms the joints to help keep them supple and flexible. The brushed soft inner feels great against the skin, and the long pile has more surface area to hold more heat in for longer period of time, also eliminating any rubbing or friction.

PURA D'OR Healing Conditioner (
Summer is great for outdoor fun-in-the-sun at the beach or poolside, but not always so kind to your hair. UV rays, chemicals and harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp. One way to help hydrate, heal and repair damaged hair from root to end, without adding weight or buildup, is with PURA D’OR Premium Organic Solutions Healing Conditioner. This is an exclusive 99% plant-based, lightweight detangling formula that soothes stressed strands and provides intense shine, all without leaving residue behind. It is formulated with a smoothing blend of Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract, Argan Oil and other premium natural ingredients. It also nourishes to help control frizz—a boon when humidity is at hand. Also noteworthy is that PURA D’OR Healing Conditioner is made with no parabens and no harmful chemicals. It is gluten free, hypo-allergenic, cruelty free, safe for colored hair and made in the USA. It couldn’t be easier to use:  just leave on your hair and scalp for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Lovely locks can be yours this season.

Aspire Eyewear (
Few if any want to wear a heavy, thick and bulky eyewear frame on a hot and sweaty summer day, which is one of the many things that make Aspire Eyewear such a great option. This eyewear offers a “barely there” fit and feel that the company reports is lighter, thinner, stronger and more pliable than anything previously launched for this market. This is because Aspire Eyewear is created with SDN-4, a specially-designed nylon material proprietary to the brand. Hypoallergenic SDN-4 material also offers shape memory, is heat resistant and will not fade in UV exposure. Using customized SDN-4 sheet material, Aspire frames are not injected, but created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to produce unique shapes and endless color possibilities. This next generation of eyewear was made possible through the innovative use of this material and a highly advanced 3-D printing system that was leveraged in product development, and the newest collection is created with a hydrographic printing process that proffers incredibly vibrant prints.  Aspire Eyewear also offers a revolutionary seamless hinge, eliminating the need to replace screws.

BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelets by Maria Shireen (
If you have long hair, chances are you’ll regularly be sporting a hair tie around your wrist this summer. While it’s certainly useful to have one on hand, wearing a hair tie on your arm like this doesn’t look great, is uncomfortable and can leave an unsightly mark on your wrist.  Luckily I found the BitterSweet bracelet, which is a functional fashion accessory designed for sophisticated women on-the-go: at the gym, the office or out on the town. This stylish bracelet/hair tie hybrid is a game changer for women everywhere with long hair who can now have a hair tie around their wrist at all times, yet still look stylish and chic—and with no more wrist indents!  Maria Shireen designs, produces and markets three collections of patented hair tie bracelets--b+sweet, bittersweet, and signature—each with its own aesthetic. No matter your personal style, they’re sure to carry a hair band bracelet you’ll boast about.

SpillFix Organic Absorbent (
Summer is prime time for DIY projects, hobbies and generally attending to matters put off other times of the year. These endeavors often lead to messy spills that are a pain to clean up, whether from oil, auto fluids, hazardous liquids, unused paint in the garage or even grease and spills in the kitchen. Enter SpillFix Organic Absorbent, an ingenious product that instantly absorbs hazardous and other liquid spills on contact and is safe, fast and easy to use. SpillFix is made from a bi-product of the coconut (coir), which is an organic renewable resource that is non-carcinogenic, contains no chemicals and is silica free–much safer than Kitty Litter for your family and home. You can use it in the kitchen, laundry room or garage to clean up everything from olive oil, detergent and spilled soda or milk to paint, oil and gas. SpillFix can even be used to clean up pet accidents and it leaves no slippery residue. After using SpillFix, you can put it in a separate container and reuse it to clean up more spills, or it can be thrown away in your trash can.  When you have a serious spill this summer, SpillFix will stop the threat in its tracks.


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