Rare White Lion Released to New Sanctuary Habitat

11/30/2017 by

Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB), San Diego County's only accredited big cat and exotic animal sanctuary, has released three rescued lions to a newly built multi-acre habitat for the first time.

Unique creature comforts of the open-air enclosure include a large pond with waterfall features, and enrichment platforms. Natural terrain and mature trees have also been incorporated to allow for the normal behaviors of its big cat residents. 

  • Footage of Louie, a 12-year-old rare white African lion, being released to the new habitat on November 29. Note: Louie was being treated for an abscess on his right hind paw at the time this video was taken, as seen by his tender gait.
  • Footage of Arusha and Zulu, 14-year-old African lioness sisters, during a separate release in early November.

These releases mark the first time in the animals' lives that they have lived in a large, natural enclosure. All three lions performed in a circus and in movies before being retired from the entertainment industry and coming to live at LTB in April of 2017.

White lions like Louie are genetically rare and are unique to the Timbavati region of #lionSouth Africa. Despite their name, white lions are not albino. There are only a few hundred white lions in captivity and less than 13 in the wild.

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