Redwood Empire Whiskey Unveils New Small Lot Series

02/03/2024 by

Redwood Empire Whiskey, a distinct California whiskey made and aged in the ancient forests of the Redwood Empire, announces the launch of its highly anticipated Small Lot Series.

"The Small Lot Series is a testament to our passion for whiskey making and our desire to share unique expressions with discerning drinkers," says Jeff Duckhorn, Master Distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey. "Each whiskey in this series is a result of meticulous attention to detail, from grain selection and distillation to barrel aging and blending. We are excited to see how whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers alike react to these exceptional spirits."

The Small Lot Series kicks off with three distinct whiskeys, each embodying Redwood Empire's commitment to experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what whiskey can be, while staying true to its distinctive house style.

  • Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey: This scarce, grain-to-glass release is a true testament to Jeff Duckhorn's appreciation for the diverse world of malts. Originally, a home brewer before turning Master Distiller, this first batch was only 27 barrels of 100% Malted Barley. Utilizing 7 different malts, Foggy Burl offers a rich, robust palate with notes of traditional single malt, dark chocolate and caramel.
  • Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon: This four-grain mash bill bourbon features a prominent rye component of 45% in the mash bill. Showcasing the perfect blend of spice and sweetness, while maintaining the viscosity and mouthfeel of corn. This single lot, grain-to-glass release was artfully blended from 25 barrels and bottled at 99 proof.
  • Screaming Titan Wheated Bourbon: Hand selected barrels aged at least 5 years old this blended bourbon showcases 30% wheat in the mash bill. Cutting into some of the richness and viscosity of corn, this larger wheat component lightens it up a bit and lets honey floral notes shine through.

"These new products represent our interest and ability to explore within the realm of distillation. Batch 001 represents our dedication to continued growth for our brand," says Lauren Patz, Head Distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey.

An extremely limited number of bottles of Foggy Burl and Devils Tower will be available on Redwood Empire's website and are also currently hitting shelves at select retailers nationwide. Keep your eyes peeled for Screaming Titan in March. To learn more about Redwood Empire and its new Small Lot Series, please visit

An extremely limited number of bottles of Foggy Burl and Devils Tower will be available on Redwood Empire's website and are also currently hitting shelves at select retailers nationwide.