Regency Fireplace Products Launches New Electric Fireplace Line

12/11/2018 by

FPI Fireplace Products International, Ltd. (Regency Fireplace Products) adds new electric fireplaces for the first time to its product line to give customers even greater options for fireplace installations and fuel types. The Skope Electric Fireplace product line allows Regency to expand into the electric market with a premium, high-quality fireplace products for users who traditionally wouldn't be able to install a gas, wood, or pellet fireplace.

"The Skope Electric Fireplace represents an opportunity for Regency to tap into the electric fireplace market with a product that adheres to our core product tenants: high quality, good value, and beautiful aesthetics."  Glen Spinelli, President & COO

Skope Electric Fireplaces are premium, built-in fireplace products utilizing Chromalight™ LED technology to create a dramatic and vivid 3-dimensional, multi-flame effect. Customers are able to mix and match from several inspiring base fuel effects and 13 customizable fuel bed colors to create an immersive, layered, and awe-inspiring display unlike any you have ever seen before. The Skope line is available in a single-side flush fireplace, 2-sided corner fireplace, and 3-sided bay fireplace.

Discover Regency Skope Electric Fireplaces on YouTube:

Electric fireplaces are an alternative option for many urban areas where more strict environmental regulations regarding gas and wood fireplace usage are being implemented or where customers live within strata units that do not allow for venting to be installed.

With the new Skope series of electric fireplaces, Regency brings high-quality craftsmanship and the comfort of fireplaces to customers who previously would not have been able to own a traditional fireplace. With electric fireplaces, there is no need for ventilation and they are installed to provide a minimalist aesthetic that integrates seamlessly with your interior. Create the magic of a real fire, without the hassle, and experience the warmth and comfort of Regency Skope Electric Fireplaces.