Robern® Expands Lighting Category, Flexible Design Options With New Sconces

12/10/2023 by

Robern has unveiled two standalone sconce lighting collections – Tenor Lighting and InLine 2.0 Lighting. These artful designs offer unique, whole home lighting solutions to complement a myriad of spaces. The sconces are available in two versions to create a personalized experience: Choose the 'Dimmable' version to achieve the ideal brightening or dimming output desired or choose the 'Tunable' version with Robern's proprietary SWAY light control for one-touch dimming, color-tuning, and individualized presets for perfect lighting no matter the moment. 

The Tenor and InLine 2.0 sconces are made from the highest quality materials and take lighting to an entirely new level of sophistication. Dim and tune the light to create the perfect ambiance to welcome the morning or end the evening. See yourself in the perfect light by providing the highest quality light and adjustable color temperature all from one controllable unit, SWAY. SWAY allows users to easily fine-tune both the brightness from 100 percent to one percent and color temperature from 2700 to 5600 Kelvin to provide the most accurate reflection and purity of color. Three 'favorite' settings come preset or can be replaced with individual 'favorite' settings and can be adjusted for specialty lighting needs and then returned to a 'favorite' with a simple tap of a button.

Tenor Sconces

Capturing the elegance of the golden era of 1930s Hollywood Glamour, Robern combined sleek glass, rich metal, and decorative endcaps to create the three stylish Tenor designs. The versatile sconces can be hung horizontally or vertically, lending an unexpected touch of jewelry within a room – whether flanking a mirror in a creative, singular expression or grouped in any number of configurations for a more dramatic interior placement. The distinctive sconces feature decorative endcaps in three options: the crisp Diamond or smooth Round is an exceptional choice for modern and transitional interiors, while the classic, textural Fluted, is a great choice wherever a more traditional look is being considered. The Tenor Sconces are available in Chrome, Polished Nickel, Matte Black, and Brass and in 30", 36" and 40" heights.

InLine 2.0 Sconce

The new InLine 2.0 Sconce is a sophisticated design that speaks to modern and transitional interiors. Creating ambiance and visual interest within the home, the statement-making InLine 2.0 Sconce is a rectangular form that incorporates a seamless, mirrored frame furthering its Art Deco inspired elegance. The vertically hung sconce can be positioned to striking effect when staggered or grouped or by mixing and matching the various sizes in an intriguing, custom wall scape. Sensual, with an architectural crispness and sleek sensibility, the sconce lends an edgy creativity within a room that is anything but mainstream. The InLine 2.0 Sconce is available in 30", 36", 40", and 48" heights.