Seven Luxury Items That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Outfit


When it comes to dressing in an expensive and sophisticated way, it’s the little details that people notice the most. You don’t have to dress in top to toe designer gear to look stylish and put together, here are some of the luxury items that’ll instantly elevate whatever you’re wearing.

1.   A classic watch

Your timepiece is something that people will see when they shake your hand or when you reach for a drink, so it’s something that you should invest in. When you choose a watch, go for something large, but not gaudy, and never choose a digital or smart watch. Go for classic brands that’ll stand the test of time, perhaps even something you can pass on to the next generation.

2.   Cufflinks

A well-fitted shirt demands a pair of beautiful cufflinks to finish it off. Never buy shirts that have button cuffs, as they’ll look like they came from a chain store. Choose cufflinks that are simple and stylish, in materials such as white gold or silver, and avoid novelty cufflinks or anything covered in gemstones.

3.   Designer white sneakers

From Converse to Adidas Stan Smiths, white sneakers are classic fashion items that have stood the test of time. They look great with jeans, chino shorts or many other outfits, and if they’re clean and sparkling, then they elevate an outfit.

4.   Designer eyewear

Whether it’s a pair of designer sunglasses, or prescription Burberry glasses, you should always go for quality when it comes to eyewear. Your glasses are something that can completely change the look of your face, so it’s important to get the right look. Find glasses to suit your face shape, and invest in some great pairs, as they’re one of the first aspects people will notice about you.

5.   Great fitting jeans

You can tell a pair of cheap, ill-fitting jeans from a mile away. They sag and pool around the ankles, which is a really unflattering look. Make sure even your casual outfits look great by investing in some designer jeans such as Levi 501s and having them tailored to your body shape. Don’t go for gimmicky jeans that are in style this year as they’ll likely look dated next season, people who appreciate fashion always tend to stick to the classics.

6.   Subtle jewelry

Nothing screams ‘try too hard’ like a man dripping in gold jewelry. It can completely ruin even well-coordinated, designer outfits. Avoid anything that’s too blingy, such as pieces with large gemstones, sovereign rings, thumb rings or long chains.

7.   A drop of cologne

If you want to make an impression and seem put-together, don’t cover yourself in fragrances or try too hard with your grooming routine. Men should spray their cologne in the air, wait a second, then walk through the cloud, which ensures just the right amount of fragrance and even distribution. Invest in an expensive scent that will last all day.

Looking expensive and making an impression doesn’t necessarily mean spending huge amounts of money or covering yourself in statement pieces. Keep things subtle and understated, investing in the right luxury items to get the right look.