Shunning the Store-Bought: Sleek Tailoring and Handmade Suits


What is a man without a suit? A suit is a statement, an extension of your business card. You are remembered by how well or how poorly you were turned out. It astounds, therefore, that men today are only just reviving the traditional penchant for the tailor-made, something which fell out of preference for a while, with tastes instead favoring the generic, the store-bought, and the already hanger-hung for the masses to choose from. Instead, professional men today know that traditional thinking was right: what better way to be remembered than by top-end tailoring resulting in a suit made especially for you (and perhaps coupled with shoes especially cobbled, too)? However, given its fairly new renaissance, you might not know how to go about the process.

The Epitome of Luxury

A well-dressed man always catches the eye. You don’t have to be decked out in outrageous color to be noticeable when you’re wearing a suit you’ve had tailored. Indeed, you’ve already made your statement in its very creation. Furthermore, the whole experience of being fitted for a suit (having your measurements taken, choosing from a range of wholesale fabric and other conceptual points, generally electing the style you want; the feel you wish to portray when wearing it) is actually quite enjoyable, and obviously luxurious. Don’t forget that this tailoring rebirth as a fashion statement of choice is fairly recent. Not every man out there is in a double-breasted bespoke, set off by just the right set of cufflinks.

A Subtle Opulence

To this end, when choosing your fabric and the overall design, you don’t want a finished product which comes across as if you’ve just handed over a wad of cash (though, bespoke suits aren’t overly cheap, obviously). Rather, subtlety is key. You know how much the whole process cost you, but every other Joe Bloggs doesn’t have to be struck by the sense of your suit’s full worth.

The Personal Touch and the Practical

In short, although bespoke suits and the ability to acquire those tailor-made perfections sets you apart in the business world, you also need to be suitable to your surroundings. Evidently, this expenditure isn’t something to be blended into the office on Casual Friday. Furthermore, have you looked into the practicalities of the suit you’ve agreed with your tailor, down to its very shirt buttons? You both might have found the fabric which appeals to the eye, but does it appeal to your skin or feel comfortable when you’re sitting down? Also, the material of your shirt, of your jacket: do they offer fair wear and tear, given that you’re working at your desk most of the day? It would be a shame to end up with threadbare elbows early on in ownership of your bespoke “masterpiece”.

Despite all these considerations, a well-made handmade suit, fully fitted out with its necessary and suitable accoutrements is something to be proud to own. This luxurious addition to your professional wardrobe really does make a fine business investment.