Smart Gift Suggestions For The Men Who Have Everything


Today’s men are starting to spend big on luxury. According to a 2019 research from Global Web Index, men take a whopping 62 percent of the market share for luxury goods. To be more specific, male millennial's aged 23 to 36 and those under the age of 16 to 22 of the Generation Z bracket buys luxury brands for themselves. They would particularly invest their money on leisure travels and experiences like trips to all-inclusive luxury resorts in Maldives and other places in the world. If you have men in your life who also like the life of opulence, gifting them with lavish items can be a challenge. This is especially true if they already seem to have everything. If you are running out of ideas to choose from, here is a list of gift ideas for special occasions.

Gift Of Micro-mobility

Since men who have everything can have all the best automobiles that money can buy, you can opt to give them something that can take them from one point to another. One of the most ideal gift ideas is giving the latest model of adult electric scooters. It is now a very popular micro-mobility transportation mode in the market today. Just make sure that you consider the maximum rider weight of your recipient and how fast they want to go to make sure that they will enjoy your gift. Other micro-mobility options include electric skateboards and electric pedal-assisted bicycles.

Gift Of Music

For men who love luxury can sit back and relax by listening to their favorite tunes using these types of high-end audio equipment. To hear the best sounds all over the room, you can give your guy a tiny sounder packed with several features. It must have compatibility with most virtual assistant AIs for hassle-free use. You may also give them a pair of wireless in-ear earphones with noise cancellation capabilities and high-quality audio performance. They can use it while listening to music when their hands are full or while driving around town. 

Gift Of Entertainment 

Even big boys need their toys, especially when facing stressful situations. You can keep them happy by giving them one of the newest gaming gadgets available in stores. For mobile gaming, Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch Lite line. It is the lighter and more affordable version of their highly successful Nintendo Switch hybrid gaming console. Compared to the original product, the Nintendo Switch Lite only has a handheld gaming option. This feature is perfect for those who are always on the go but needs something to do in between their important tasks. 

These are just a few techy gift suggestions for the men who already have the best things in life. While they can easily buy items like these using their own money, they may appreciate receiving these more since they know that it came from someone important to them. It can also show how well you know them by giving them something that they would enjoy. So go ahead and buy one of these for the best men in your life.