Speedy Sales: Quick Hacks to Make Your Home Sell Faster


You might be one of the lucky few, in which case this article isn't related to you. After all, it's a fact of life - some homes sell almightily quickly, and it's all because of the area they are based in.

Unfortunately, not everyone falls into this category. Instead, a lot of us have to go through months and months of turmoil as we bid to sell our home and start a new chapter in our life.

In some cases, it's always going to be difficult. Like it or not, some areas just are difficult to sell homes in, and your hands are somewhat tied.

On the flip side, there are some quick hacks you can delve into that increases the chances of a faster sale, and through today we will look at these in more detail.

Clear the clutter

In truth, if some sources are to be believed, clutter is the root of all evil. We're not quite going to jump into this debate just yet, although we will say that this can have a significant impact on your house sale.

A home which is full of clutter will struggle to sell. Period. It makes it much more difficult for guests to imagine themselves living in and in a lot of cases, this is quite off-putting. As such, declutter your space, whether this means having a major clear-out or just turning to a personal storage service.

Place extra emphasis on your hallway

If you have the time to just focus on one space in your home, try and make it your hallway. Yes, the kitchen grabs the headlines, but it's your hallway which quite often gives that elusive first impression.

As we all know, first impressions matter. Get this wrong, and it immediately plants a seed of doubt in a potential buyer's mind. What can you do to make this more impressionable? Turn to neutral deco, eliminate the clutter and make this area as open as possible.

...And your kitchen

OK, so we've just touched on the kitchen grabbing the headlines but in truth, it's for a very good reason. This is the room which is often classed as the most valuable in the home; it is the space where we all tend to spend the most time.

You don't have to go all out and spend silly amounts of money renovating this room. Instead, small hacks will suffice. This might be changing the cabinet doors, giving the room a lick of paint or even changing something small like the faucet or door handles. They can all make a difference.

Bonus tip: Focus on curb appeal

Finally, if we were going to deliver a bonus tip, it would all be about curb appeal. If you search long and hard you’ll find dissertations on this topic because, put simply, it’s the advice that sells houses. It’s very similar to the hallway tip we focused on earlier; if you can make a positive first impression you have won half of the battle. Curb appeal involves doing this to your front exterior, meaning it could be your garden, front door or window dressings.