Startup Brings Luxury Wall Panels to the public for Home DIY'ers and Design Enthusiasts alike


Wall decor just got reinVänted. A new startup is empowering consumers to bring the luxurious look of five-star hotel rooms to their own home with an innovative system of easy-install wall panels.


With the patent-pending SimpleMount™ system from Vänt, anyone can transform a space in just minutes by simply snapping the wall panels into place, without skilled installation and at a fraction of the cost. From plush headboards to striking accent walls, it's never been easier to unleash creativity and bring home the stylish look of luxury hotel rooms.

Since the Vänt website  launched just three weeks ago, sales have far exceeded expectations. With orders from all 50 states and Canada, Vänt has had to rush ship new inventory via air to keep up with demand.

"The market for these wall panels is so much greater than imagined," said Vänt CMO Ari Haas. "Think of all the folks who can now effortlessly transform living spaces with Vänt and appreciate affordable extravagance."

Easy to Install  

Even if you've never hung a picture frame before, you can easily install Vänt. The patent-pending SimpleMount™ system makes it virtually impossible to get it wrong. Though Vänt is innately user-friendly and intuitive, the company provides step-by-step instructions, a quick installation video  will guide you thru the process. Plus they have specialists who can answer assist with any questions.

"This is just unbelievable. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! and my bedroom is amazing! " said Jay from Los Angeles, California.

Endless Possibilities

Vänt wall panels are available in different configurations to suit any need, with endless possibilities. Starting at just $169, each box includes four designer-inspired panels along with the SimpleMount™ system. Stick with one style or mix and match for a gorgeous, customized look, choosing from dozens of  eye-catching colors in  easy-care finishes such as: pearl, leatherette, micro suede, and metallic. To clean, simply remove a panel and wipe it down with a damp cloth before snapping it back into place with gentle pressure.

Wherever there's a wall, there's a place for Vänt—living rooms, bedrooms, offices, lobbies and retail spaces go from stale to stylish in minutes. If you can envision it, you can Vänt it.

About Vänt:

Vänt is devoted to the research & development of expressive, designer-quality products that are easy to install, affordable and enticing to everyday homemakers and do-it-yourselfers. Vänt is inspired by the belief that life isn't about what you need, but what you Vänt.

Vänt innovations bring luxurious paneling and other premium accents into the homes, businesses for the budgets of everyday Americans. Driven by surefire fashion, Vänt marries effortless luxury with total versatility.

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