The Easy Way to Fill Your Garden with Natural Beauty


Your home is your castle; it's where you spend the majority of your life, so it makes sense to lavish it with all the care and attention it needs. Sometimes, however, it's nice to escape those four walls and embrace the beauty of nature. That doesn't mean you have to head into your car and drive to the nearest beauty spot, for a few simple steps can transform your garden into a natural idyll that you'll love to relax in.

Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

Modern life takes us away from our natural roots, so if you've spent all day in front of a computer screen, it feels good to simply hold a flower in our hands and smell its beautiful fragrance. That's one reason why a great garden is the crowning glory of any home, but it can be even better when you invite other creatures to share it with you. The United States is home to some of the most stunning species of birds in the world, and you can watch them within your garden if you place a bird feeder within it. It's important to situate the bird feeder away from areas where natural predators, such as cats, may be hiding, and you should also keep as still as possible when observing birds if you want to avoid scaring them away. Bird watching is a wonderful hobby, and with a little effort you can attract birds into your own yard.

Calming Water Features

The sound of trickling or gently burbling water is one of the most relaxing noises of all, which is why water features form a central part of Zen gardens. Zen gardens, also known as Japanese rock gardens, have been a feature of Japan since the eighth century, and variants of them are now popular around the world. Sand and rocks which are raked to look like ripples in water are a central aspect of them, but the most luxurious varieties make full use of features such as fountains and small water falls. Adding a water feature to your garden can bring a sense of incredible tranquility to it, even if you're in a busy neighborhood or near a major road. With a large variety of domestic water features to choose from, it's easy to find one that's perfect for your garden and for your budget.

Natural Moonlight at the Touch of a Button

Ever since humans took their first steps we've gazed up at the moon in awe and wonder, and the dramatic sight of a full moon can have just the same effect on us today. A full moon occurs every 28 days, although it will look almost as impressive on the days surrounding its zenith. A garden looks its most spectacular when bathed in moonlight, but by the clever use of the downlights available at stores such as Volt Lighting you can get that moon-bathed effect all year round whenever you want it. With the downlights placed in trees, the effect seems completely natural, almost magical, but you'll be in charge.

By combining bird feeders, water features and strategically placed downlighting, you can transform your garden into a natural paradise, however large or small it is. We may feel far away from nature during our working lives, but at home in our gardens we can enjoy the natural delights our ancestors knew so well.