The Glen Grant Unveils "The Glasshouse Collection": A New Prestige Range

06/19/2024 by

The Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky, nestled in the heart of Speyside, today unveils The Glasshouse Collection: a new prestige range featuring the oldest aged expressions ever in the distillery's permanent collection. The Glen Grant 21-Year-Old is joined by The Glen Grant 25-Year-Old and 30-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskies to form a collection of rare single malts which celebrate the unparalleled aging of whiskies from the over 180-year-old distillery. 

The Glasshouse Collection was born from the legacy of The Glen Grant's visionary forefather James 'The Major' Grant. An avid traveler, 'The Major' was a charismatic and eccentric innovator, voyaging to destinations around the world – from Southern Africa to the peaks of the Himalayas. With every adventure, he collected flowers and plants, bringing them back to Scotland and his vast Victorian-inspired glasshouse, built in 1886 to protect and nurture the most precious and delicate plants, just as the distillery's warehouses have done with these exquisite spirits for decades.

This is the inspiration for The Glen Grant Glasshouse Collection, comprised of three rare single malt whiskies, created to capture the essence of The Major's Glasshouse. Each expression reflects a distinct time of day, from the first light of dawn until the moonlit night, using the light inside the glasshouse as a metaphor for the character of each exceptionally aged spirit.

The launch of this new collection marks a significant milestone for The Glen Grant, as legendary Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE approaches his retirement after over six decades in the Scotch whisky industry. The Glasshouse Collection will be the last whiskies to be released under Dennis' stewardship, but his legacy will be upheld and honoured by his successor Greig Stables, who has worked closely with Dennis over the last 18 years and played a pivotal role in the creation of the new collection. 

"Working alongside Dennis for nearly two decades has been an incredible journey and I'm deeply grateful for his insight and guidance," said Stables. "As I become Master Distiller, I carry with me the lessons learned and the guiding vision imparted on this journey.  I'm honoured to lead The Glen Grant into this new chapter and am excited and enthused for what is to come. Now as we introduce these rare and aged whiskies, I am thrilled we can showcase how exceptionally The Glen Grant spirit ages over time, maintaining its character and integrity. In honour of the launch and the legacy of Dennis, I'd like to raise a toast to him with our Double Gold award winning 25-Year-Old."


Each carefully aged prestige whisky in The Glasshouse Collection is matured in American oak bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks within the hallowed walls of the distillery's oldest traditional stone dunnage warehouse. Our signature taller-necked copper stills and water-cooling purifiers, which ensure that only the finest vapors are collected, create the distinct and delicate essence of zesty green apples for which The Glen Grant is known. The character of the three whiskies, 21-, 25-, and 30-Year-Old, represent a journey through the cycle of daylight within the Glasshouse and showcase the aging potential of The Glen Grant spirit.

The Glen Grant 21-Year-Old represents the first light in the Glasshouse, capturing the delicate and ethereal quality of the early morning light. Just as the first light of day breathes life into the garden, this expression embodies a fresh and vibrant character with an explosion of tropical fruits, creamy butter notes, and an enduring crème brûlée finish define this single malt, transporting and immersing you in the light, with characterful flair. Bottled at 46% ABV, natural in color, and non-chill filtered, it encapsulates the evocative and aromatic warmth akin to the sun illuminating the day.

As the light of golden hour casts its glow on the Glasshouse, a new offering from The Glen Grant, the distinguished 25-Year-Old, comes to life. Like the setting sun casting its warm glow, this whisky unveils itself with velvety smoothness. It encapsulates the essence of dried stone fruit and toffee notes, each sip revealing distinctly sweet aromas. Delve deeper, and uncover rich flavors of dark chocolate, zesty orange, oak, and nutmeg, culminating in a finish of warm spice with a subtle hint of soft smoke. With 25 years of aging and bottled at 46% ABV, natural in color, and non-chill filtered, this expression embodies the evocative and aromatic warmth reminiscent of the sun gently setting over the Glasshouse during the golden hour. Just as the last rays of daylight caress the landscape, this whisky captures the essence of lingering warmth and golden hues.

As twilight descends upon us, we are transported to the Glasshouse bathed in moonlight, tranquil yet alive with movement of light and shadow. In this moment we discover The Glen Grant 30-Year-Old, rare and exquisite with a bouquet of rich, complex, oaky tones and deep, distinctive finish. Matured for thirty years, this rare and evocative whisky unfolds with intricate layers of oak, woven with hints of nectarine, honey, and dried fruit, evoking a sense of timeless indulgence. Each sip reveals the depth of its maturity, as flavors of demerara sugar and a velvety creaminess dance upon the palate, leading to an irresistibly sweet and fruity finish that lingers, leaving one yearning for more. Bottled at 48% ABV, natural in color, and non-chill filtered, 30-Year-Old welcomes the cool tones of moonlight as they wash over the Glasshouse.


To mark the launch of this historic release, The Glen Grant has partnered with artist Lachlan Turczan, to create a new installation titled "A Day in the Glasshouse" through his immersive series, 'Optical Resonance.' Turczan's innovative cymatic sculptures utilize light and water, a fundamental component of the distillation process, to create mesmerizing reflections. "A Day in the Glasshouse" is portrayed through three pieces, each reflecting the unique facets of a different whisky in the prestigious range. An ode to the individual age, character, and time of day associated with each spirit, this artistic partnership immerses enthusiasts in an experiential multi-sensory journey to heighten the tasting experience of each expression, beautifully aligning with The Glen Grant's commitment to taking inspiration from around the world.

"My exploration of The Glen Grant Glasshouse Collection is rooted in my art practice exploring liquid light phenomena. I was inspired by the fascinating history of James 'The Major' Grant, whose travels and passion for preservation echo my own interests. With 'Optical Resonance,' I aimed to highlight the nuances of changing light throughout the day, paired with each whisky. From the gentle ripples of dawn embodied the 21-Year-Old to the mesmerizing cymatic patterns of the moonlit 30-Year-Old, my water and light sculptures offer an immersive sensory experience that invites enthusiasts to experience the confluence of art, science, and world-renowned whisky craftsmanship."


The Glasshouse Collection will be available in select markets worldwide, including the U.S, U.K., and Asia beginning in 2024. Joining the 21-Year-Old (RSP $360 USD), The Glen Grant 25-Year-Old will be available at an RSP of $1,000 USD and The Glen Grant 30-Year-Old at an RSP of $3,000 USD.

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