The Grande Whisky Museum Achieves Guinness World Records Certification

11/21/2023 by

The Grande Whisky Museum (TGWM) proudly announces its remarkable achievement of two Guinness World Record titles. The museum has been awarded the titles for the "Most Valuable Whisky/Whiskey Collection" valued at SGD 128,630,196 and the "Most Valuable Bottle of Whisky/Whiskey" valued at SGD 3,621,582. To commemorate this extraordinary milestone, a Guinness World Records official adjudicator will be flying into Singapore on the 25th of October 2023 to present the official certificates. 

Situated in the heart of Suntec City, The Grande Whisky Museum spans an expansive 8,000 sq ft area, where it showcases an exceptional collection of over 7,000 rare and vintage whiskies. This collection includes whiskies from some of the world's oldest and still active distilleries, as well as some from closed distilleries, making TGWM one of the largest private whisky collections accessible to the public.

TGWM's collection is housed behind steel vault doors, lending an air of rarity and intrigue. Recognized by whisky enthusiasts for its auction-worthy special edition sets, the museum features house bottles that rank among the rarest globally. The museum's collection resembles that of an art gallery, with handblown glass bottles, hand-painted porcelain one-run sets, commemorative whiskies in designer crystal bottles, rare finds from closed distilleries, and even bottles signed by Master Blenders and royalty. Due to the exceptional nature of these whiskies, photography is not permitted within the museum.

Designed to offer an interactive and sensory experience, TGWM provides guided tours that take visitors through a maze of interconnected paths, allowing them to explore the whisky-producing regions of Scotland, from the Highlands to Islay, and then to Japan. TGWM's Whisky Ambassadors share lesser-known insights and stories, ranging from Scotland's oldest and most experienced distilleries to the history of whisky production in Japan. The tour concludes with a limited-edition premier champagne collection, providing a fitting end to the immersive 45-minute to 60-minute whisky education. The museum boasts a range of brands from prominent distilleries in each region, with an overwhelming array of whiskies within the vault. After the tour, visitors can participate in a curated Whisky Tasting Experience, featuring a flight of whiskies for sampling and experiencing the diverse flavors from various distilleries.

Ms Ashlynn Loo, Director, Attractions, Entertainment and Tourism Concepts Development, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said, "As international travel ramps up, STB welcomes the addition of The Grande Whisky Museum to Singapore's growing range of unique experiences. We hope that the museum will become a must-visit destination for whisky-lovers from around the region."

Visitors have the option to choose from different experiences: Introduction to Whiskies (including a whisky tasting experience) at S$88, Influence of Casks (including a whisky tasting experience) at S$148, and Depth of Whiskies (including a whisky tasting experience) at S$198. These experiences differ in the types, ages, and cask influences of the curated whiskies. Each tasting session, led by TGWM's Whisky Ambassador, lasts for 30-45 minutes, and is limited to groups of 12 to ensure an optimal educational journey for each visitor. Mr. Manjit Gill, Group Managing Director of The Whisky Trust Group, which owns The Grande Whisky Museum and The Whisky Distillery group of retail stores in Singapore, encourages Singaporeans to appreciate the factors that have made Singapore the locale for such a rare collection right at their doorstep and to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more at the museum.

Saint-Louis House and Museum Lounge 

The Grande Whisky Museum also has the region's exclusive Saint-Louis House lounge for VIP members and a Museum lounge for the public. The bar offers a wide range of quality whiskies, including rare ones available for purchase as whisky flights. The selection includes blended whiskies and 50-year-old whiskies from Scotland and Japan. Visitors to the lounges will also admire the beauty of bespoke and exclusive Saint-Louis (part of the Hermès group) crystal chandeliers, limited pieces of Chardon Potiche, and other crystalware, all handcrafted and imported from Europe's oldest crystal glassmaker with roots dating back to 1586. The venue also provides a view of the Suntec City Fountain of Wealth.

TGWM Launches Membership Programme

TGWM is set to launch a new membership program, with membership tiers ranging from S$5,000 to S$100,000 per person. Members will receive member credits for use in purchasing drinks or bottles from Saint-Louis House, along with special invitations to Master Blender events and opportunities to acquire rare bottles, including those from the TGWM vault, which may be considered for sale at market prices. TGWM regularly collaborates with distilleries to bring renowned Master Blenders from Scotland and Japan to share their expertise and insights with whisky enthusiasts.

"TGWM has been a serious and renowned collector of rare and vintage whiskies for over two decades. It is proud to showcase its collection to the world and has developed a global reputation as a genuine rare whisky collector. Distilleries bottle special casks and editions for TGWM, and the museum displays bottles that are seldom seen elsewhere in the world," emphasises Mr. Manjit Gill.

The Grande Whisky Museum is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-455, Tower 5, Suntec City, Singapore 038983. It is open from 11am to 11pm daily, including public holidays, with tours available at 11am1pm3pm5pm7pm, and 9pm (last tour). The bar and lounges remain open until 11pm daily. For more information about The Grande Whisky Museum, please visit