The Newest Pet Trend- Luxury Fashion Style For You and Your Dog

08/17/2022 by

Dogily is the first matching dog and human accessories brand that doesn't compromise style. With a mission to provide fashionably elevated premium silk pet accessories that are comfortable and timeless. 

From its inception, Dogily has always focused on developing the highest quality matching scarf sets so people and their pets can become the most stylish duo on the block. High-end fashion is no longer limited to humans but to our four-legged friends, too. The lack of upscale petwear options in the pet industry is the reason Dogily began. 

"As dog-lovers, we were tired of seeing the same cheap-quality and lower-end fashion pet accessories that didn't make us or our dog's look or feel good. We want to empower people to view pet accessories differently as something that can be high-quality and stylish," said Cindy Lee, Director of Marketing.

Dogily also puts a lot of their efforts into creating a product that is comfortable that people and their dogs will love to wear. Most pet wear brands use thick rough polyester/nylon-made pet bandanas. Concerned about the poor quality of pet accessories in the market, Dogily promised to only serve the finest quality items. This launched their debut collection made out of the luxurious and velvety-soft natural fabric — Silk, offering pet owners and their pets the softest touch.

Silk is known for its durability, it's comfortability, and so much more. 

"Silk has long been one of the most luxurious fabrics available, and is known both for its beauty and its amazing benefits to your health and beauty." — MyKSilk

Another added benefit of silk, aside from being extremely soft, is that it's one of the only fabrics, when put in the wash, that doesn't shed microplastics into the environment. Making it a safer fabric for not only humans and pets, but for Mother Nature too. 

Dogily takes every aspect of their business into consideration when focusing on supporting a cleaner, greener world. That's why their packaging is made with non-plastic materials in order to cause less harm to our planet. Dogily solely uses sustainable materials which are eco-friendly in production to reduce waste and pollutants. 

Outside of providing new insights to the fashion world, Dogily is taking the initiative in making an impact on society and the world by partnering with i=Change to donate 1USD of every sale to women, environmental and animal projects.

Dogily's Signature Silk Collection

Dogily's ultra-soft silk collection features timelessly elegant designs of hair scarf, scrunchie, and square scarf naming "Tyra", "Serene" and "Collins". The three patterns are uniquely-designed by Dogily's in-house designers after months of researching and drafting, offering you the most evergreen and graceful designs ever.