The project for Villa Aurora marble and natural stone

05/09/2021 by

In the masterful hands of Lavagnoli, naturalstone is transformed into unique furnishing elements, to cover walls, floors and other surfaces and play a lead role in interior design and outdoor projects. The skills honed over the years, also through the adoption of complex, technologically advanced production processes, and highly qualified personnel, enable the company to create unique surfaces and propose customised solutions.

This is exemplified by Villa Aurora, a house located in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy. Lavagnoli has made the natural stone, which is eco-friendly by definition, into a protagonist in many rooms, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, from the cladding of the building to the floor or the balcony. Marble, travertine and hard stone, the materials selected for this project, create a stylish, refined, as well as enveloping, atmosphere, and express the fascination of ancient materials, resulting in aesthetic solutions of great beauty. 

With its natural veins, the white brushed marble used for the kitchen gives an extraordinary luminosity to the entire living room zone. Water resistant and featuring warm nuances, travertine is the ideal choice to cover the bathroom walls, as in a veritable spa. Perfect for outdoor use on account of its durability, extra hard stone enriches the style of the house in a natural manner.

The Kitchen
The entire top and one side of the central volume are covered with brush-finished Carrara White Statuario Marble. Its configuration, consisting of a single 6-cm thick slab, is particularly valuable.

The Bathrooms
The bathrooms use slabs of Classico Travertino, with continuous veins and a silky finish. To obtain the final composition, a rigorous laying sequence was followed, so as to obtain an interesting pattern of nuances and unique decor. Parts made of travertine: floors, walls, flush fitting shower trays, washbasins.

The Exterior
The entire perimeter of the building is clad with 3 cm thick, flame-finished slabs of Extra Hard Stone, 3 m in height, in modules 20, 40 and 65 cm wide.

3 cm thick flame-finished Extra Hard Stone was also used for the floating paving of the balcony. Slab dimensions: 32x75 cm.