Top 10 Accessories for Showing Off Your Luxury Lifestyle


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One of the best things about having nice things in life is being able to show them off freely as you enjoy your day in public. After all, it feels good to let others know that you work hard and can afford to buy nice things for yourself. Some luxuries are hidden at home and people don't really know that you have them – like a 72-inch TV or Olympic size swimming pool – and those kinds of luxuries are great but they don’t really boost your self esteem and display your wealth like some expensive personal accessories. With that said, here are the 10 best accessories you can bring with you to show off your luxury lifestyle on your next day out:

1. Handheld Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become as glamorous as cigarettes were in the 1920's but the cool thing is that you can get flavored e liquid that doesn't even contain nicotine. It tastes delicious and looks really cool. Vaping is in nowadays and being able to do tricks with clouds gives you tons of cool points in most circles, and it's definitely something that creates the wow effect when done properly.

Just imagine yourself stepping out of a brand new whip, ice shining on your wrist, and a cloud of fruity vapor billowing out as you emerge looking as rich and clean as ever. They also say that variety is the spice of life, and there are literally hundreds of e-liquid flavors on the market, with more being invented each day in today's world. Exclusivity is a form of luxury. With custom and artisan e-liquids, you could be one of the few people on Earth enjoying the latest and greatest boutique flavors via fancy handheld vaporizers that interface with your smartphone.

2. Sunglasses

A nice pair of shades has always been a classic sign that someone has nice things. Plus, it's hard to keep a cool look going on when your face is sweating and scrunched up on a hot and sunny day. Sunglasses not only show off your wealth, they also keep your eyes and face cool so you don't look like you're in a bad mood when you're really out enjoying the day. They're also great because they come in so many styles that they're easy to match with just about anything.

When it comes to upholding a luxurious look with sunglasses, the brand logo is often more important than anything else, so if “flossing” is your main objective, be sure to get a pair with a large and easily visible brand logo. Staying up-to-date with fashion magazines and famous pairs of sunglasses form movies is another good way to make sure you have the best shades on your face at all times.

3. Smartphones

Once upon a time, a mobile phone was just a tool that you used to communicate, but not anymore. Nowadays, the smartphone can be anything from a map to a camera to a symbol of wealth. Trust me, people notice when you're the only one in the room with the brand new iPhone or Galaxy. Having the newest generation of phone doesn't just make you look good, it also gives you access to features that other phones don't yet have.

When you're doing things with apps that other people don't even know exist, it shows you're clearly advanced and intelligent, which is all a part of this luxurious lifestyle that you so apparently live. If you have money and want to show it, there's no reason to be caught in public with a flip phone or a $30 pre-paid Android. Go ahead and do yourself the favor of investing in the latest and greatest model under contract with a reliable carrier. Be sure to get a nice looking cover to further customize your top-notch device.

4. Handbags and Wallets  

If you're going to be carrying something to store your credit cards, you might as well make it stylish and luxurious. A fashionable handbag or wallet can do a lot to indicate how organized and wealthy a person is when they pull it out to conduct a transaction at the store. Many men also carry handbags to store money for business transactions and some use them to carry firearms as well, both of which have become somewhat of a trend for wealthy men in their 20-30s during the past ten years.

Two decades ago, handbags were reserved only for women, but nowadays there are men's styles and duffle style mini bags that work well for carrying all sorts of things you would need while on a business trip. Likewise, there are now larger wallets capable of carrying makeup designed for women, so both categories are open to either gender nowadays.

5. Luxury Shoes

There have been studies and surveys that have shown that people usually look at the shoes to determine whether someone is poor or rich. If a person is wearing dirty and worn down shoes, people just tend to think they are poor, even if there's a million in their bank account. Conversely, shoes are often used to create a facade of luxury because a poor person will spend half of their pay check to buy a $150 pair of shoes and then look as though they're wealthy simply because they are wealthy person's shoes.

This all might sound very basic and childish, but is in fact the most humans think when they look at another person's shoes. So, if you have the money to spend, don't wind up being labeled and judged as poor just because you don't have the best taste in shoes. Spend a day at the mall and get yourself some fancy footwear.

6. Smart Watch or Fitness Band

A good old Rolex and a Horus Strap does the job just fine, but if you want the more modern look and want your watch to do more for you, go for a smart watch instead. On the other hand, if you enjoy going for a run and want to keep track of your workout stats then a fitness band would be worth more consideration. Either way, when you're wearing one of these you're automatically putting yourself in a class with the technological elite because only a small percentage of the population is currently using smart watches and fitness bands. However, in the near future almost everybody will be using these devices, so if you get in now you'll be able to say you were among the first to start using them.

7. Hats, Head Covers, and Scarfs

If it's cold out and you need a hat, don't just settle for some bland generic hat that serves no other purpose but to keep your head warm. Anybody can buy one of those. What you want is something special, that stands out and looks good without making it look like you're getting ready to go to the circus. Some women get carried away with absurdly fancy hats to outdo each other, and some guys can actually tolerate wearing the same hat every day to cover up their male pattern baldness, but what you want to do is find a balance – wear hats that are fancy yet not so fancy that they can only match one outfit. You want at least 5-10 hats and scarfs to ensure you have one that can match with whatever you're wearing.

8. Jewelry

Jewelry and luxury go hand in hand, but there is definitely such thing as overdoing it with too much jewelry and the wrong clothing. For example, it doesn't really make sense to wear three necklaces and a Rolex when you're going on a jog wearing gym shorts. The again, there are times where not enough jewelry ruins the whole look. For example, if you're wearing a white suit and you don't have some sort of necklace and wrist piece then you're selling the whole look short. Everyone knows that rose gold is almost mandatory with a white suite, and the addition of pearls makes it even better.  

9. Fancy Gadgets

Things like personal fans, VR headsets, drones, and AR glasses make great luxurious accessories because they show that you're not only wealthy enough to afford these devices but also savvy enough to know about and know how to use them. Plus, talking about a new gadget is always a great conversation piece.

10. Belts

Lastly, you can't forget the finishing touch that a nice belt can add to an outfit. Although it's designed to do little more than hold your pants up, the belt is undoubtedly the focal piece of fashion in the midsection.

Combine It All for a Fully Luxurious Look

When you combine all of the above types of accessories you'll have a well-rounded wardrobe and will be more technologically equipped to enjoy your day. At the same time, you'll also look about ten times better and will feel a lot more confident because you'll have the accessories to show that you own nice things and keep up with the latest fashion.

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