Top Swimsuit Trends to Anticipate for 2018


There is no better time to shop for swimwear than today. Shopping for the best swimsuits while they are out of season means you can easily find discounts and plenty of great deals on the pieces you want the most. Even better, buying swimsuits in the winter or spring gives you a chance to stay trendy for the summer; this year is no different.

Using information from various sources and looking at collections from the top designers, it is easy to predict the trends that will highlight the summer of 2018 when it comes to swimwear. We are going to discuss some of those trends in this article and get you started with some early swimsuit shopping.

Bohemian Touches

Crochet will be a big hit this summer, especially with collections from the likes of Beach Bunny combining crochet with gorgeous colors and simple cuts. A more bohemian theme can be seen across several collections for the summer of 2018, so it is time to pick up some new pieces to complete your bohemian look for the season.

More bohemian touches can be seen in the color trends as well. While neutral colors like black and white are timelessly popular, expect to see colors such as red and nude highlighting this season. These colors are easy to mix and match, so you can easily pair your swimwear of choice with a gorgeous top or even a simple white shirt to create different looks.

Tankinis like the Anne Cole Women's Crochet all-day high neck tankini swimsuit match the bohemian tone of the season even better. The Anne Cole piece is simple yet full of detail.

Romantic Spills

Crochet is just the beginning. More accents are seen in the best pieces from Norma Kamali and L Space. Shirred pieces – particularly shirred tops – are definitely worth checking out. They are not only beautifully simple but also intricate in a very good way. Besides, shirred tops can highlight your curves well too.

Ruffles are also making a strong comeback this season. The Mon Cheri one-piece from For Love and Lemons is a good example of how ruffles can accentuate the right parts of your body. Be sure to limit the number of colors you rock when there are ruffles; you don’t want your summer look to be overly complicated.

Speaking of romantic, you can see certain patterns strengthening this theme too. Softer tribal patterns captured a lot of designers’ attention this season. They have firm lines and lovely colors, but they still convey a romantic feel to the pieces.

Softer Palette

To complete the set of trends for the season, softer colors are what you want to aim for this summer. There are still pieces with bright, shocking colors, but you will quickly notice as you go shopping for swimsuits that the majority of available colors have a softer tone to them.

As mentioned before, you can go with the safer, more neutral colors like black and white. You can also chase the sexy tone of nude and pink if you want to attract attention while spending time on the beach. There are also colors like mint and lilac – as well as various pastel, muted colors – that works really well when mixed and matched.

Simple patterns are just as attractive. Small stripes and a simple accent around the rim or the neck compliment the soft tribal pattern we discussed earlier. If you are not sure whether the pattern compliments the natural shape of your body, you can always go with plain colors this year.

Daring Cuts

While the trends we have covered so far appear to be more toned down, the same cannot be said for cuts and silhouettes. Designers are going for the high-cut silhouette, beautiful off-the-shoulder shapes, and plunging necklines – on a one-piece – as a way to make this season’s swimwear sexier than ever.

You will also see the return of squared necklines and, wait for it, beach pants. Yes, you can look absolutely stunning by pairing your bikini top or your favorite tankini with soft and airy beach pants. They come in prints and the right pair can alter the way you look on hot summer days.

Beach pants, daring cuts, soft colors, and the romantic, rather bohemian accents can only mean one thing: this is a summer when you match elegance with sexiness. The best fashion pieces that incorporate these trends are already available on the market, so visit your favorite online retailers and start hunting for the best pieces and great discounts to go along with them.