Top tips for planning a luxury event


If you are new to event planning, or perhaps you are a seasoned and experienced party planner, it is vital to remember that every event is unique, so you need to approach each celebration as an entirely new project. Remember that even if you are planning a small-scale luxury event, or if you are catering and providing an event for several hundred people, it is up to you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From the décor to the catering and even a plan B just in case something goes wrong on the night, be sure to get ready and remain prepared so that you can provide your clients with an event that will go down in history.

Think outside the box

Unicorn cupcakes for a kids party? A bride and groom that want a vintage car, but only have a shoestring budget? As an event planner, you will be presented with a huge list of requests, and it is up to you to work your magic to ensure that your clients are left feeling blown away by your efforts. If you have been given a small budget to cater for a large event, then you will need to think outside of the box to provide your customers with their must-haves for their event. Get creative and do not worry to try and test alternative options so that everyone is happy. Make sure that you create an event list to run through with your clients to make sure that you have met with all of their event needs, plus this gives you space to wow them with your unusual and fabulous ideas!

Keep it luxury

From the décor to the catering, if you want your clients to be blown away, then you will need to make sure that you provide them with an event that is luxury and stylish. Be sure to hire extra help if there are several hundred guests, to ensure that everyone is served their canapés and champagne in time. If you are dealing with a wedding party, then you will need to get organized and dress the room in time; fresh, seasonal flowers are a must and be sure to keep all candles lit to add some magic to the wedding reception. Some venues such as small party venues in San Antonio may even help you with dressing and prepare the room as part of their package. This is no reason to get complacent though, as creating a luxury event means that you need to go the extra mile and more.

If you are planning a luxury event, then you need to get ahead of your clients and be sure to dream up some ideas that will add some style and class to their event. From weddings to kids parties, make sure that you get creative and remember to hire some extra help to assist with the catering and dealing with difficult guests on the day. Be sure to have a plan B and enjoy providing your clients with an event that will provide them with a lifetime of memories.