Top Tips to Living a Luxurious Life Without Breaking the Bank


A hand-painted Da Vinci adorning the walls or a villa on the sandy beaches? Luxurious? Well, luxury has a different meaning for everyone in their life. It depends on the person. A person might be able to enjoy sleeping in Italian linen as much as a sloppy joe off a food cart across the street. That’s what the difference is. Luxury is not about grand chandeliers or parties on page 3. Anyone can live lavishly without having to spend too much. And while you could buy a Ferrari - though Land Rovers Range Rover did beat Ferrari’s Tianmen record - you can do a whole lot more with your life than you can imagine.

Know what you want

What’s your idea of a luxury lifestyle? Differentiate between the needs and the wants. Always tend to what you need first and then think about what else you could do with teh remaining money. Be a smart spender who is honest about the daily/monthly needs. Be able to admit to yourself that you want something only because it is expensive.

Make a list of your must-haves. It can be a coffee every morning or travelling once a quarter, or a drink fest every weekend or just a good meal at the end of the day.

When buying or spending on something always ask yourself these questions

1.    Do you need this item immediately?

2.    Is it a recurring need? Will you need it a month from now?

3.    If you do need it, is there anything that costs less yet fulfils the need

These are the things you should spend on. Believe it or not; eventually you won’t feel bad doing this exercise because you are paying for what makes you happy and not for a sign of status.


Homes, cars and things you own should be of maximum utility value in minimum space. When you surround yourself with essentials, you don’t need to be buying any more space than you would require. Fill a small area with good food, functional décor and maybe good art if you’re into that. That leaves you with the things you love rather than a massive mortgage on a house which might spell luxury but you would have to compromise on its looks.

Fund your travels

Maintaining a smaller home and a humble yet comfortable lifestyle will leave you enough room to play with your liquid funds. Spend on what you would truly enjoy. Most people are in the rat race thinking they will travel when they retire.

Plans never happen. Travel is something that you never lose. It only grows on you. Your expensive drapes may fade out, designer clothes have a shelf life, your fancy gadgets die when they get old, but a good trip and the experience that comes with it stays with you forever. What’s more, there is no putting a price on that, isn’t it?

Understand what luxury means. You can just define it in your own way!