Tweed by Lithos Design lights up the interiors of New York City

12/16/2023 by
The new collection of backlit walls Pietre Chiaroscure lands in New York at Angela Brown Ltd, confirming also in the US the presence of Lithos Design in the field of furnishing residential and hospitality projects.
With the backlit wall Tweed, part of Pietre Chiaroscure collection, Lithos Design brings to New York its innovative vision, its high-design and its refined exclusive 
marble product. Thanks to its presence in US since 2010 and the partnership with Angela Brown Ltd, Lithos Design increasingly consolidates its relationships 
with North American professionals.
The modular coverings designed by Raffaello Galiotto, meet the needs of each of their projects, while improving the aesthetics of the walls with surprising  decorative and light effects that open the way to countless variations.
Taking their cue from the sgraffito technique used in architecture, the modules are made of two layers of marble on top of one another: parts of a matt upper layer are carved away to delineate a pattern and let the light filter through the translucent surface of the layer below.
Lithos Design goes beyond craftsmanship, using cutting-edge technology to express the contemporary mood on an ancient material. Attentive to conscious  choices, the company marries an approach to design and production allowing the optimization of the use of the stone material by bringing waste close to zero.