VIKINGS BLADE Safety Razors Goes Eco Friendly

06/05/2018 by

After gaining considerable popularity in the US safety razor market over the past four years with models such as The Chieftain, The Vulcan, The Odin and The Godfather being continuously ranked in the Top 10 Bestsellers and "Most Wished For" lists on, Vikings Blade has decided it was time for them to do their part for the environment.

The luxury high-end grooming family boutique hailing from Australia has recently announced their participation in the eco-friendly movements around the world by switching to 100% environmental friendly packaging materials.

Vikings Blade has always been known for their immaculate customer service, and through this constant communication with their customers Vikings Blade realized that more and more users were now making the switch from disposable razors to safety razors. Beside the huge cost saving benefits of safety razors, consumers are starting to make conscious efforts to reduce landfills and clean up the environment.

The reality of the shaving industry is that all razors are packaged in high-density polyethylene plastic cases and blades are usually enclosed in polyethylene terephthalate holders.

This is standard practice adopted by big brand razor companies and still in use today with no sign of stopping due to the low cost of plastic packaging. A quick look on the internet at popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay shows that most razor products on the market still involve the use of plastic in one way or another. For example, the multiple steel blades on most disposable cartridge razors are often secured by a large plastic casing and a lubrication strip, both of which are non-biodegradable or non-recyclable and can only be disposed of in landfills. Similarly, metal safety razors although are more environmental friendly are still packaged in plastic cases or holders which also end up as landfill waste.

As an early and active participant in recent eco friendly movements, Vikings Blade safety razors uses fully biodegradable materials for their packaging and cases despite a reduced profit margin.

Lars Henriksson, production manager at Vikings Blade, said in an email that, "We are going to be completely honest here: as a small family business we are not claiming to revolutionise this industry or save the world or anything like that. Consumers are smart enough to see through such charitable claims. We're just here to build some meaningful and solid products and make a living at the same time. But what is living if we don't protect the environment and the society that we live in? I heard stories of some factories dumping chemical waste into the ocean to save money and I don't like the sound of that. The razor industry is not that bad but still, I don't want my grandchildren to clean up the landfills that this industry has created. With recent eco friendly movements being stronger than ever, someone in the razor industry has to start first, and we don't mind being that company. Sooner or later other companies will start doing the same thing and everyone will benefit in the long term."